Allah Declared The Only God in New Zealand Parliament – Dail Also Being Destroyed From Within!

Allastriona discusses current affairs with regular guest Elvis, an Iranian christian who sought refuge in UK, only to find more persecution there... Elvis, who speaks and reads Arabic, has some shocking revelations about Islam... The treasonous New Zealand Prime Minister, who clearly does not understand arabic, unknowingly allowed Islam to officially declare in the NZ Parliament that New Zealand was now an islamic state and that Allah was the only god... As we are forced back to Imperialism by islamo-globalist corporate interests and socialist supremacists, the time has come for Crusaders to Save Europe!

#BRexitBetrayal Tory & Labour Canvassers Spat At When Going Door to Door As UK Has Its Lisbon Moment

Regular guest Elvis is back on the show to impart his knowledge and experience from fleeing the Islamic revolution in Iran to UK where he now sees the same things happening... Crime in London is so bad even the muslim Home Secretary says he cannot sleep until his son gets home safe. It is not only knife crime, but also gun crime and drug crime that is up. This is part of the Islamic plan - which they used in Iran before and during the revolution as a way to destroy the society to make it week. Many Brits might have laughed at the Irish when they had to vote again for Lisbon Treaty and the Nice Treaty, thinking it could never happen in Britain... but here we are... As Gerard Batten said, the EU Elections have become a rerun of the referendum. [embed][embed] However the BRexit debacle has woken many people up, especially the silent resistance and the silent majority who might not normally go to marches or speak out, but the
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