Ireland Taken and Innocence Lost – Will Irish Who Spit On Their Own Heroes Graves Wake Up In Time?

Will The Irish Who Spit On Their Own Heroes Graves, Who Died To Give Them Freedom, Wake Up in Time? Our Constitution, Our Past, Our Future, What Was and What is, That was Then, This is Now. The agreement is not worth the paper it is written on because we, the Irish, in our stupidity believed and trusted the men in power to look after us. They didn't. They looked after themselves and we sat and let them. [embed][/embed] To our shame we disrespected the men who died for our freedom. We spat in their faces and allowed our self importance to override our common sense and decency. We signed our freedom, culture, land, water and utilities away. For what? So we could be enslaved by a foreign power whose only interest is to destroy our land. We allowed abortion on our watch, we allowed gay rights to encroach on our every day lives. We now allow our children to be brainwashed into thinking there are no rules of life or living. We allow families
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