WHAT IF THEY HAD GUNS? Platoon of Well Organised African Invaders Land a Kalergi Boat on a Spanish Beach and Disappear

Yet another video has appeared showing dozens of migrant invaders landing on a Spanish beach in a "Kalergi Boat" (semi inflatable Zodiac boat supplied by human traffickers) and in an organised pre-planned fashion jogging off in single file towards the cliffs, leaving beachgoers shocked and nonplussed at the clinical execution of the attack. The stunned tourists could only muster jokes about them heading to the nearby luxury hotel to get to the all-inclusive hotel service probably all paid for by the supremacist EU and left wing Oligarchs who promise these invaders free handouts and cash for life, which they are actually getting at the expense of the European taxpayers! With the closure of the route through Italy, thanks to the election of the patriotic government of Matteo Salvini, Spanish beaches are becoming a frequent destination as the continents are separated only by the 30 miles stretch of the Strait of Gibraltar. You might ask why this route was not u
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