Where Have All The Paddies Gone – Irish Expats in UK Replaced by 3rd World Migrants 

Theresa May's government is following marxist egalitarian policies and trying their utmost to trick BRexiteer into staying in the EU while pretending they are leaving. Marxism is loyalty to the system and to the party, not to the people. The result is even worse: UK will be subject to EU laws and regulations WITHOUT any say in those laws and regulations! It is classic vassaldom and conquest. When a moslem discharges a shotgun onto a Caribbean carnival from a car, no one knows about it, but if it were white people... [embed][/embed] UK does not put up with tyrants, how far can they be pushed before civil war erupts. How long will the left's lies be tolerated? How long till people see through the nicey nicey marxism? If that is not bad enough, there is an alliance between Islam and our traitor governments... Theresa May clearly wants to hand NI over to The EU! Time for Anglo Celtic Solidarity? Theresa May wants to Hand NI over to The EU
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