“Ireland is the most racist country in the world” – Nigerian “cRapper” Living in Dublin Insults The Irish Yet Does Not Leave?

Because white guilt is profitable…

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  1. Not Happy Mr rapper?
    Africa is the second biggest continent on the planet and its a lot warmer with more rappers like yourself, if you feel uncomfortable, gather all your friends and make some travelling and make some music, problem solved!!
    Make Ireland great again!
    Africa for rappers, Ireland for success

  2. “Racism” is a word invented by the Gentile- hating, Gentile-murdering bolshevik, Trotsky as a shutup-word to end conversations and arguements he and his ilk find inconvenient. Conversations and arguements such as from the White Indigenous People of Europe and Ireland, unspeakably angry at the cultural-marxist’ s genocide of us via replacement-immigration of bogus refugees, sub-saharan africans and muslims we have no affinity with and no onus towards. Racism is the media and school inculcated contempt and diminishment of esteem for us as the Original and Enduring Indigenous Natives of Ireland and Europe since the last Ice Age. Racism is the cultural-marxist’s agenda to have aborted the Indigenous White Children of Ireland and Europe, heirs to our Civilisation and while still in the place they should of all places, be the safest; in the womb. Racism is the cultural-marxist’s agenda to propagandise and legislate for the “transgender” effeminising of the Indigenous White children, especially boys, of Europe and Ireland and the promoting of poisons such as synthetic-hormones and testosterone-blockers all to prevent any future generations of warriors like Tone Wolf, John Devoy, Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Padraig Pearse, James Connolly or Michael Collins. Racism is to tolerate hate for us the Irish People having exclusive and indefeasible right to and eternal ownership of all Ireland. Racism is the simpering unjustifiable slimy guilt-ridden drivel from degenerate traitors , like Peter Sutherland, Simon Coveney, Charlie Flanagan, Varadkar, Sinn Fein, bribed and blackmailed by enemies of Humanity like George Soros to physically destroy the cultural homogeneity, preeminence within Ireland and Europe and the genetic purity of us, the Ancient and Enduring White Natives of Ireland and Europe.

  3. Iosua said it all and said it best!
    Ireland doesn’t need African rappers anyway,we have our own.If he doesn’t like us,he needs to leave!


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