Neutral No More! Irish Regime Becomes Sponsor of Terrorism, Harbouring Captured Irish ISIS Fighters!

1) Being a member of a subversive organisation

2) Leaving the jurisdiction with the intention of joining a foreign military

3) Being party to crimes against humanity

Any more crimes to add to the list for our traitorous Justice Minister of population replacement and Leo?

Lisa has deliberately put other peoples lives in danger much like any terrorist would, travelling to Syria on her own accord. Does the Irish government now support terrorists? She has no regret and says Islam is superior to Christianity.

“The ISIL fight is not over yet!

Islamic apologists are supporting the persecution of Syrians and Christians and the oppression of women. Why is Islam not paying for her to come to Ireland? Because Muslims do not respect women enough…

Why should Ireland harbour known terrorists? This makes Ireland a legitimate target for other forces – this destroys our neutrality.

It is clear Leo knows he will never get re-elected so he is doubling down doing as much damage as he can…

Will the midget Higgins send a government jet for her? She should be jailed in Syria or given the death penalty for her support of the terrorists who behead Yazidi Christians etc.

By not putting their own people first, the Irish regime are being racist towards their own…

Rent Boy Leo says Muslims are great for Ireland? Is that the black bags women have to wear? Or the Female genital mutilation? Is it the gender apartheid? Is it the rape and molestation of our girls? Or the killing of our children while muslims breed like rabbits?
Removing christian values and christian symbols from our schools and hospitals?

Why is a muslim terrorist group who is outlawed in Pakistan, allowed to have its headquarters in Dublin?

Will the Irish surrender Ireland to Islam after 800 years of occupation!

The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing Population Replacement to go ahead…

Wake up and start fighting back – we will need to make sacrifices… so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children…

Telling it like it is….

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