Must Watch! How and Why Muslim Rape Gangs and ISIS Succeed and Flourish in The West!

Must Watch! What Tommy Warned Us About: How and Why Muslim Rape Gangs and ISIS Succeed and Flourish in The West How Deliberate and Planned Bribery from Muslim gangs leads to Exploitation which leads to Blackmail which leads to sex slavery and how fear of “racism” is used as cover and hide it all. An entire generation destroyed because of one weaponised word…


Fear of allegations of racism conquered an entire continent! Rape is not a crime in Islam and Corruption is not a crime to Africans… Islam has conquered MANY countries through rape and forced inbreeding… for centuries.

The West is not only ripe for the taking but apparently willing to be assimilated into a violent culture and they are being egged on by islamo-globalist oligarchs for selfish profits… The Military Industrial Complex for instance which needs more places to bomb for more profit… which justifies the invasion of the West by so called refugees which are actually cowards deserting their own kith, kin and country to save their own yellow skins… deserters. All enabled by the left wing mass media.


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