Lord Christopher Monckton: New Irish study shows greenhouse gas effect cannot cause global warming

The Brexit Party’s Christopher Monckton talks to investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty and discusses a new study by Ronan & Michael Connolly showing that the greenhouse gas effect cannot cause global warming which he says backed up his own findings:


On being denied an audience with the the environment secretary in the the UK, Monckton remarked:

The environment secretary was willing to hear the side of the story that he wanted to hear from an autistic schoolchild who hadn’t the faintest idea what she is talking about but who has been relentlessly propagandised by communist teachers…but he was not willing to hear a former member of his own party who leads a team of eminent scientists who had done a serious load of work over the last four years [and] had come to conclusion that the whole thing is nonsense.

“And if you put this evidence in front of the so-called conservative party in Britain which is supposed to be a centre-right party (it’s supposed to fight this sort of totalitarian nonsense), what do they do? They go and listen to a sixteen year old school kid having taken out six weeks NOT to read a scientific paper or even a two page summary of it in plane English which says “look mate, there is not a climate problem and we have proven it”…so when you are dealing with intellectual bankruptcy of that order, that’s why I’m no longer a Conservative because these people are thick as two short planks and that’s doing a disservice to the short planks.”

Listen to James Delingpole interviewing Ronan Connolly here:

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