#LeoMustGo Despite The Upcoming Elections, Leo Still Ignores Normal People Who Question FG’s Record!

Leo still seems to be living in La La Land as a mainstream newspaper recently put it on their frontpage headlines. Despite the upcoming election, he still ignores normal people who question Fine Gael’s record, despite taking the time to listen to her question.

The girl who asked the question, stated on Twitter that she “was trying to have a “civilised” conversation with the Taoiseach but he immediately turned on his heel the moment I mentioned his party’s numerous failings and warped priorities”.

Even the cameraman Hugh O’Connell, noted that the Taoiseach engaged with the childcare workers, but turned away when she tried to speak to him. Seems to indicate it was all scripted and pre-planned?

How can we trust our country, future and children’s future to this callousness?

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