Irish are Foreigners in THEIR Own Country as European Children are Sacrificed on the Altar of Islamo-Globalism!

Irish are feeling like foreigners in THEIR Own Country! Sacrificing our Children on the Altar of Islamo-Globalism. Irish are also seen as minority, easy to oppress and they feel like foreigners in Ireland! Allastriona takes a quick look at True Irish History and some of the weeks News…

Europeans are now sacrificing their young on the altar of islamo-globalism due to fear of racism accusations…

Mainstream Media are a propaganda chamber to manufacture this consent and the political parties have been infiltrated and corrupted and hijacked by islamo-globalists

The separation of church and state is being done for subversive reasons to remove any moral code and values…

They are trying to destroy the middle class to create a low wage society which they can control. Their control of the media allows them to control the thoughts of people. For instance there has been no mention of the Global Migration Pact in the media which will be signed on 11 December in Marrakesh which will effectively give complete control of the Irish borders to the UN. It is unquestionable that the Irish Occupation government will sign up to it.

All European leaders are pawns just play acting, they are just following instructions, herding the young people into totalitarianism.

The anchor babies scam still goes on and is called the “scheme that doesn’t exist” by government officials despite a massive rejection of this in a referendum.

A no go zone sharia community is being setup in Blanchardstown connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Clonskeagh in southern Dublin…

At what point do YOU say stop?

EU Rent Boy Leo Varadkar wants Open Borders allowing criminals to flood in and destroy our society.

Ireland has been conquered without a bullet.
Why did Ireland bother fighting for Independence?
Why did Ireland bother fighting the British Occupation? Why did our forefathers die in Europe fighting nazi Germany, just to give it all up to German controlled EU?

The Irish EU Occupation regime will not protect us.

Unless We Discriminate Against Criminals, Rapists and Murderers, Our Society is Dead. Irish EU Regime (FG/FF/SF) Raping Irish Society With African and Asian Migrants Whilst Virtue Signalling Extreme Marxism

The Guardai are incapable, unequipped and too scared of dealing with African Gangs in North Dublin. All are too scared of being labelled as a racist even if it has nothing to do with racism.

While the Irish EU regime (FG/FF/SF) has been closing police stations whilst importing dangerous third worlders hand over fist, before the deadline for them to be eligible to vote next year, forcibly inserting then directly into our communities. That is Rape.

The Irish are indeed walking dead or asleep because if the EU occupation government has their way, the Irish will soon become extinct.

The “New Ireland” is NOT Ireland, it is EUland. A Globalist Hellhole with no values, no identity, no morals, no history, no culture, no heritage and no future.

The occupation regime has complete control of the country and soon there will be no Ireland anymore…

To the EU and traitorous national leaders, the means is irrelevant, all that matters is the end goal, the destruction of the nation states through enforced racemixing and religious mixing and cultural mixing and mixing of customs and traditions…

The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about Islam and quietly allowing it to go ahead…

Wake up and start fighting back – we will need to make sacrifices… so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children…

Telling it like it is….

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