Ireland No Longer Meets The 5 Criteria of Sovereign Statehood! The Dail Has Betrayed & Sold Us Out!

There are five internationally established and agreed criteria used to determine if a nation can call itself an independent sovereign state.
Ireland no longer satisfies these criteria as it not only is subject to EU law and courts, but it has open borders, so no longer has territorial integrity and no longer controls is sea or airspace.
With the influx of “new irish” it’s people no longer have a common allegiance, bond or history.
Traitors have sold Ireland out. Can it be saved?
What was different about Pearse’s and the other hero’s lives that made them act?
Are we not in enough danger yet?

In a letter to his mother, 3rd of May, 1916, a few hours before he was executed, Pearse wrote:

“I have just received holy communion. I am happy except for the great grief of parting from you. This is the death I should have asked for if God had given me the choice of all deaths,- to die a soldier’s death for Ireland and for freedom.
We have done right. People will say hard things of us now, but later on they will praise us. Do not grief for all this, but think of it as a sacrifice which God asked of me and of you.

Goodbye again dear, dear Mother. May God bless you for your great love for me and for you great faith, and may He (God) remember all that you have so bravely suffered….”

Your son,

How would you choose to die?

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