Homeless People Are Not All Drug Addicts: Homeless People in Dublin Talk About Life on The Street

The brave Cathrine Whelan out and about brings the harsh hidden reality to you. She speaks to homeless people and takes tents or some jackets to homeless people in the Church in Thomas Street and gets first hand opinions on the problems they face. Luckily for them some Churches are still true to Charity

The high prices from the high street restaurants are in stark comparison to what a homeless man could do with so much money. If you are buying some cheap clothes at Pennys, buy some extra socks for the homeless or buy them a hot meal or coffee. Darren agrees you should not just give out cash as they are not all drug addicts or alcoholics who just want cash… he also says not all beggars are homeless…

Brainwashed normies, trolls and the authorities would rather have this problem brushed under the carpet or hidden in back allies, rather than face the truth, that the Establishment have caused this crisis through enforced mass immigration which is crowding Irish people out… our entire civic system is crashing under the pressure yet they refuse to control, reduce or stop immigration.

Please DO NOT vote for any parties currently in the Dail!

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