Donald Trump, The Biggest Employer in Doonbeg, is Coming to Ireland AND He is Going to Heaven Says Doonbeg Priest

America President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit his five star hotel and golf course in Doonbeg, Ireland next week. Despite haters, the local parish priest believes Trump will not only be welcome in Doonbeg, Ireland, but in heaven too.

“Leave us alone” was Doonbeg priest Joe Haugh’s message to any protesters thinking of making an appearance at Trump’s arrival at his golf course in county Clare next Wednesday.

Trump’s golf resort in Doonbeg is a pillar of the local economy employing some 305 staff year-round.

“Anyone that does that for any place is worth respect,” Haugh told local media, adding that local restaurants were full to capacity in the rural town thanks to the 45th president of the United States.

Haugh believes that Trump’s “love of his neighbor” will be enough to grant him entry to heaven and that he would, in fact, be “most welcome” beyond the pearly gates.

A protest is due to be held in Ennis some 45km away from Doonbeg by haters, but Haugh has warned any anti-Trumpers away from Doonbeg.

“They should leave us alone, we don’t interfere with their lives, leave us in peace. We’re law abiding citizens here in Doonbeg.”

“I don’t care what way he is portrayed by the international or national media, he’s doing a good job for America,” he added.

The local newspaper’s front page has created up a significant reaction online, ranging from praise and expressions of welcomes but also brought out the predictable haters and anti democratic critics.

“Can we expedite the process?” wrote one Twitter terrorist of Trump’s passage to heaven. “I wouldn’t mind this, as long as it happens soon,” agreed another twitter terrorist.

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