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People Before Profit Marginalise Themselves Even Further By Claiming “There Are Wildfires in The Arctic”! The Commie Circus Comes To Dublin…

After a dismal showing in local elections, the banshees came out from behind their Iron Curtains onto the streets of Dublin, to display their anti everything agenda, which is more about headlines than details or facts. Only a few hundred activists from disparate left wing causes gathered in front of the Spire as part of the headline grabbing "Extinction Rebellion" protests against nature yesterday.

“Islam Taking Over Streets is Wrong” – Indian Lawmaker. Can we park our cars in Mosques if Muslims can pray in our streets?

An Indian MP has lashed out at praying Muslim groups blocking roads and public places, saying that Muslim worshipers in India should pray in mosques and that those who block public streets, while offering Namaz should be dealt with. The Indian lawmaker has said this as the country’s minority Islamic community celebrates Eid-al-Fitr. Some religious practices of local Muslims cause inconveniences to residents of Indian and many other cities, Bhola Singh, who was recently re-elected to the Indian parliament has said. The lawmaker from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) is urging Muslims to restrict their prayers to specialized places of worship.
"A place has been designated for expressing your devotion. Roads should not be blocked. If it happens, it is wrong. Action should be taken."
The politician believes that Hindus celebrating their festivals are, by contrast, not disturbing anyon

The Southern Oceans Are Getting Greener and Cooler, Proving “Global Warming” Alarmists WRONG, Again

The Southern Oceans are getting greener and cooler as the amount of marine plants (phytoplankton) has been increasing in the last 21 years. These changes appear to be happening faster during the winter, which suggests that the growing season is getting longer. This is important because the Southern Ocean has a big role in the biology and chemistry of the oceans, and in regulating the Earth's climate. This work was done using 21 years of data from two NASA satellites, coinciding with Al Gore's now infamous predictions of doom and gloom from global warming. The concentration of chlorophyll is also an indicator for the amount of photosynthetic plankton, or phytoplankton, present in the ocean. Phytoplankton populations are influenced by climatic factors such as sea surface temperatures and winds.

Eurosceptic Left Wing MEP Candidate Clare Daly Wears Anti Establishment “Free Assange” T-Shirt At MEP Vote Count

Left Wing independents4change MEP candidate Clare Daly showed her support for jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the vote count for the European elections in Dublin on Monday, where she won a seat in the European Parliament. The candidate who has now won a seat in the European Parliament promises to deliver many a clash with the establishment...
Daly wore a t-shirt reading ‘Free Assange’ as she waited for the votes to be counted and, after a close contest, was announced as an Irish MEP for the first time. She edged out Sinn Feins's Lyn Boylan who has controversially been linked to George Soros...
Daly has shown her support for Assange in the past, and wore the same shirt in a campaign video on May 24 in which Daly claimed that BRexit and the "rise of the far right" are symptoms of EU oppression. Daly also met with Assange in 2013 while he was in the Ecuadori

How Over 60 Local Election Candidates in Wexford Have Already Failed At Their Job Of Providing Oversight On Behalf Of The Electorate!

Local Election Ballot Papers for New Ross in Wexford had to be reprinted, after Postal Ballots were sent out, due to an error in the order of candidates. Did your candidate even bother to attend proceedings? Is your Local Election Candidate in Wexford promising they will take care of businesses and bring transparency and oversight to the Council? If so they have failed to do so in the weeks leading up to the 2019 local elections. The first opportunity for candidates to physically see the ballot papers, and provide oversight and pick up any potential mistakes, or potential conflicts, was completely ignored by ALL of the 60 plus candidates in Wexford, except for Renua's candidate Dorota Kulesza. Whilst all the other candidates dismissed the issuing of postal ballots as not important enough to attend, or even bother sending an agent, maybe coming from Poland, or being an accountant, Dorota Kulesza from Renua understands the importance of making sure the instrumen

Human Traffickers Charge 20,000 Euros Per Person To Smuggle Fakugees From Morocco To Spain on Kalergi Boats

Spanish police have smashed a Bangladeshi-run ring which smuggled more than 350 migrants from the Indian subcontinent into the country and gave them fake passports. The migrants allegedly paid the ring between €14,000-20,000 ($15,500-$22,000) for the journey, police said, adding that 11 people had been arrested in Barcelona where the group was based. The migrants were flown to Algeria, from where they crossed into neighbouring Morocco by foot and were then taken by motorboat across the Mediterranean into Spain, the police said in a statement issued on Friday. At least 350 people from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were smuggled in by the group, the statement added. The ring comprised several cells. One was charged with recruiting migrants, another organised their stay in transit countries while a third arranged the Mediterranean Sea crossing. The gang fraudulently obtained Algerian entry visas for the migrants in India. Once the migrants were in Spai

EU Revokes The Edict of Versailles and Brings Medieval Religious Intolerance Back to Europe

A controversial American Baptist pastor has been banned from preaching in the Netherlands or from entering Europe’s 26-state Schengen Zone, over his extreme views against the LGBT and Jewish communities. Steven Anderson, who once praised the mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, was due to preach in Amsterdam on May 23 as part of his European tour, which also included public events in Sweden and Ireland. Concerned over the pastor’s well-documented hate statements, gay rights advocates and a number of MPs urged the Dutch government to ban him from entering the Benelux country. ​ On Wednesday the government adopted “measures” barring the 37-year-old pastor from entering the Schengen Zone, a 26-country area of Europe where visa-free travel is allowed. The government is “taking strong action against extremist speakers who, by spreading their beliefs, restrict the freedoms of others or even incite hatred or violence” State Secretary of Justice and Se

Macron Tries To Use Anti Mass-immigration Sentiment To Create EU State and Change Dublin Schengen Agreement

The Schengen agreement and the current migrant-sharing mechanism are deeply flawed and need urgent fixing, French President Emmanuel Macron has said. Europe must "have borders" even if it means a smaller Schengen zone, he said. In the first major press conference since the Yellow Vest movement took off in November, Macron unveiled a range of policy measures to placate the protesters, including a proposed overhaul of the European-wide migration policy and the Schengen agreement. The embattled French leader argued that the agreement that guarantees free movement across the Schengen area, while "wonderful," does not work anymore. The same, he said, applies to the Dublin Regulation that determines which EU member-state is responsible for accepting asylum seekers. Under the current version of the agreement, which came into force in 2013 and applies to all EU member-states except Denmark, the main criteria for determining responsibility is the first point of entry. "The

New Zealand Attack – Victims Not Terrified? Disappearing Cartridges? Yet No Questions Are Allowed?

Why were victims of the New Zealand attack not shouting and screaming in terror? Why did the shooter's cartridges disappear into thin air? Why Are We not Allowed to Question Anything About It? In today's world of Big Government and fascist policing of the citizenry, we must learn to question everything and remain suspicious of everything, even the most innocuous.

Should We Vote For Nigel Farage & BRexit Party or Gerard Batten’s UKIP? Diversity In UK Politics!

As far as the EU election are concerned, it does not really matter which party's MEP candidate you vote for, as long as thy are eurosceptic. However, to put Farage's new Brexit party into perspective, Gerard Batten recently called the BRexit Party, the Tory Light party, and apart from BRexit it is a lot like the Tories.

Globalist attacks on BRexit same as attacks on Irish after voting NO in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum

Feelings are sacred now, countries are not... Ireland was the only EU country to put the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote and they rejected it. Brussels then launched a secret plan to force Ireland to vote yes in a second referendum. An explosive secret document was revealed that exposed the deliberate push to make Ireland vote again and make them vote yes - this happened in October 2009. Likewise a document has been revealed showing similar manipulation and secrets arrangements on BRexit between May and Merkel. The only way out is NOT to vote for FF/FG/SF/PBP/Labour/SD etc. [embed][embed] BRexit is deliberately being turned into a complete disaster to scare any other EU countries from even thinking about it. And it is working! The British are standing and marching against what has been done, but the Irish seem to be docile and accepting of anything that gets done to them... Even Africans would not allow their c

Over The Top Outrage & Use of New Zealand Attack To Silence Dissent Proves Genocide is Coming West!

Eileen and Allastriona discuss how you terrorised by your own government, but you are not allowed to be scared or resist it. If you subject people to an invasion and put people into a war zone, some will react like in the New Zealand attack... After attack after attack, rape after rape, our children being groomed, blatant pillaging of our public sector and taxpayers coffers, our people being put out on streets while economic migrants and medical aid tourists get new homes, assimilation of our culture and rewriting of our history and culture, yet Europeans are expected not to say anything about and not complain! However Muslims and Africans can insult and complain about anything and everything whites do with no sanction. [embed][embed] However if we all speak up, they cannot throw everybody in jail - that is why they are trying so hard to keep the sheep asleep. There are way more sheep than elites and if they wake up, the e

#ChristianoPhobia Morally Bankrupt Traitors Don’t Wear Crosses After Deadly Attacks On Christians!

Our hypocritical, morally bankrupt Leaders, Liberals and far left traitors do not wear crosses to show their respect for victims of anti Christians attacks! Allastriona goes through some news headlines which show that we are living in a world which shouts very loud to pretend it has morals and values, to hide the fact that it actually has no morals and values - just fake virtue signalling. By the same token EU and Theresa may have no moral compass int heir deceit and willingness to lie and trick the British out of their country. [embed][embed] The society is so morally bankrupt society that sex is much like going to the toilet, and just as dirty... ISLAM HAS ALREADY ACHIEVED MOST OF WHAT THE UN AND EU WANT... The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing Islam to go ahead with its occupation... Wake up and start fighting ba

Traitor Leo Alienating Historic Relations With UK & USA At Every Turn, Favouring Imperialist EU

EU Rent Boy leo Varadkar never misses and opportunity to suck up to the EU or France or Germany al the while doing everything he can to sour historic, cultural and genetic relations with USA and UK. The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing the destruction of Ireland to go ahead and its occupation and population replacement... [embed][embed] Wake up and start fighting back - we will need to make sacrifices... so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children... Telling it like it is.... In order to remain fully independent and not compromised or subservient to globalist advertisers or special interests, relies on our readers, listeners and viewers for funding and support and we thank you for your patronage and patriotism. Please do consider making a donation, once off or reg

Innocence is Not The Same As Ignorance, Which is Putting People’s Lives in Danger!

The E.U. struggled to make a deal with China without the UK and Italian Support. Seems China knows EU is NOT Europe! How long will Mother's Day survive under the current culture of Islamic apologism and appeasement, where anything from our christian values is an open target. Now Mother's Day is even insulting to the transgender cry babies... China, who the EU is always pointing at as an enemy does not want to do trade deals with EU because UK was not there. However China is used as an excuse to form the EU army as if the EU was Europe. When it is clear the EU is about the German and French and the smaller nations are just there give it legitimacy. [embed][embed] Smaller countries like Ireland are really irrelevant no matter how far they bend over. Not having any real conservative voice, Ireland is being destroyed by the left, including the so called centre right mainstream parties who embrace left wing policies. Innocence