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Is a Caretaker Government Allowed to Implement a Lockdown? John Waters Challenges Lockdown in Court!

No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, the constitutionality of this is a legitimate question which needs to be tested in court. Whether it is advantageous for your partisan agenda or not, it is vital our constitution and freedom is protected by constantly challenging the status quo. That is democracy! Freedom […]

Are Honey Bees “Racist” Too? Honey Bees Protect Their Hive & Honey From Intruder Bumble Bees & Wasps

Ever wonder why bees, and animals in general, as a species, have survived longer and will survive longer than humans? Because they understand and respect the laws of nature, which demand that true diversity be defended and adhered to, in order to ensure the survival of the species. “Mixing it up” as humans do, only […]

Military Occupation Pretending to be Democracy! Lord Chancellor, a British Crown Title, in Ireland?

A law has been passed, that if you are on the medical card and you reject the treatment they offer you, that you can be detained and declared a lunatic under British law! In Ireland? How can a Lord Chancellor, a British Crown Title, still rule in the Republic of Ireland?

Giving The Homeless Irish a Voice, Face and Hope – 18yo School Student Does More Than Most Adults

Another cold night in Dublin and the dedicated Cathrine is out there again bringing the hidden unwanted Irish to our attention. Jody, an 18 year old school students is out there regularly doing what she can to help. We also visit another church offering temporary refuge and meet a homeless lady literally counting the pennies…

Smoking is Harmless they said! They also said WMDs, Russian Collusion, Global Warming, etc. Wake Up!

“Smoking is harmless” they said “Weapons of Mass Destruction” they said “Coastal Cities would be flooded in 12 years” they said “Trump can never win” they said “Russian collusion” they said Vaping, mobile phones, vaccines, LGBTxyz, Sex-ed 4 kids is harmless they are saying now. Climate emergency is real they’re SAYING NOW… Why do we […]

#Homeless Irishman Hasn’t Heard of New Patriotic Parties! Sleeps at Church Door & Gets Fed By Priest

Homeless are humans too! Tonight Cathrine speaks to Chris who has been homeless for 7 months. He says he has never heard of the new Patriotic parties like National Party, Irexit, ACA etc. because he only reads the mainstream papers in the morning… He sleeps at the Catholic church door until the priest arrives and […]

For 1,400 Years Muslims Cursed Jews & Christians Yet Remain Cursed Themselves & Stuck In Past

Iraqi TV host from ANB TV reads critical text by a Late Syrian Poet that talks about modern day Muslims being stuck in the past: For 1,400 Years We Cursed Jews and Christians But We Have No Unity… The video was uploaded because the original MEMRI TV channel was closed. I claim no rights, it […]

To the majority in the world, CHOOSING to murder your own child is simply premeditated manslaughter!

At a recent UN function it became very clear that many undeveloped countries see abortion as simple murder and find it inconceivable, let alone choosing to murder a baby depending on their gender, like the USA allows!

Youtubers Trade Union Fairtube, Cancels Crunch Meeting With Youtube, After Youtube Excludes Them!

Youtube has said the youtube trade union, Fairtube, with over 24,000 members, is not representative of Youtubers and tried to exclude them from a crunch meeting to be held with the biggest trade union, IG Metall after IG Metall threatened Youtube with a legal “sh*tstorm” based on EU law… Once again globalist supremacist Youtube is […]

“We Have To Eat The Babies!” AOC get’s Trolled, or is this Climate Activist Being Sincere?

Abortion meets Global Warming… The Green movement has gone so far left into the absurd with their policies, and fear mongering for votes, it is hard to tell whether they are real or joking or being trolled. What makes it sooo funny is that AOC has to pretend it’s real… yet she still seems totally […]

Fine Gael Minister for EU Helen McEntee Runs from hard questions from Irish Patriot

Questioned on the Beef importation issue she claimed they had negotiated with farmers about prices for Beef, in a deal or no-deal BRexit scenario. Fine Gael are using Competition law to allow globalists to raid irish beef… Video: Irish Patriot

Ray Darcy the coward, does a runner when confronted about his being “ashamed to be Irish”!

The Irish Patriot and Dee confront Ray D’Arcy at the National Ploughiing Championships in Carlow. Ray does a runner and an assistant or two cover for him… Credit: The Irish Patriot

Anna Kavanagh talks with farmers protesting outside Kepak Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath

Live with farmers protesting outside Kepak Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath

People Before Profit Marginalise Themselves Even Further By Claiming “There Are Wildfires in The Arctic”! The Commie Circus Comes To Dublin…

After a dismal showing in local elections, the banshees came out from behind their Iron Curtains onto the streets of Dublin, to display their anti everything agenda, which is more about headlines than details or facts. Only a few hundred activists from disparate left wing causes gathered in front of the Spire as part of the headline grabbing "Extinction Rebellion" protests against nature yesterday.

“Islam Taking Over Streets is Wrong” – Indian Lawmaker. Can we park our cars in Mosques if Muslims can pray in our streets?

An Indian MP has lashed out at praying Muslim groups blocking roads and public places, saying that Muslim worshipers in India should pray in mosques and that those who block public streets, while offering Namaz should be dealt with. The Indian lawmaker has said this as the country’s minority Islamic community celebrates Eid-al-Fitr. Some religious practices of local Muslims cause inconveniences to residents of Indian and many other cities, Bhola Singh, who was recently re-elected to the Indian parliament has said. The lawmaker from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) is urging Muslims to restrict their prayers to specialized places of worship.
"A place has been designated for expressing your devotion. Roads should not be blocked. If it happens, it is wrong. Action should be taken."
The politician believes that Hindus celebrating their festivals are, by contrast, not disturbing anyon
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