Euro Wars

Templar Report: Censored

This report is too hot for Youtube, please visit our website to view the full video:

Templar Report – Dresden Bombing

Templar Report: How to fix the US

Templar Report: Coronavirus

Templar Report: Brexit Day

Templar Report: 75 Years

Rotherham Police Chief being told about Statutory Rape – that children cannot consent to sex in 2015

Why have heads not rolled yet? The Rotherham Police Chief basically admits that police officers had to be re-trained and taught what statutory rape was! Or was this just a handy excuse to hide their deliberate and malevolent negligence?

Templar Report: Gun rights

The Vulgarity of Anti-Boer Sentiment is Defended in Globalist South Africa: South African Stories #4

The vulgar sculpture which thankfully is no more… We are running a series of true stories from CognitiveDissident5 in which she talks about daily life in South Africa. The stories will primarily span the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. This is story …

The Hidden Templar: The Money Behind The Movement


Planned Parenthood Is So Greedy For Donations They Will Commit Eugenics & Let You Kill Black Babies!

The video which portrays a recorded phone call to a Planned Parenthood donation line exposed exactly who they are...
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