Covert “Compulsory” LGBT Agenda Teaches Kids in School That Having A Best Friend = Gay! Normalising Deviancy…

A new video exposing the subversive, deviant nature of LGBT materials available in UK schools has been released.

Not only does it expose how “optional” programs are being sold to parents as “compulsory”, but it shows how transgenderism and puberty blocking hormones are promoted to school children, and how picture books for 5-year-olds subtly but powerfully confuse friendship with homosexuality, leading kids to the inevitable wrong assumption that having a best friend of the same sex means you are gay!

From September 2020, Relationships Education will be introduced into primary schools, and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) into secondary schools in UK and Ireland. All Primary school pupils will have to learn about homosexuality and transgenderism in these new school subjects.

Many parents have serious concerns, and protests against LGBT lessons in primary which began in Birmingham have spread across the country.

Guidance recently released by the Department for Education abolishes parents’ right to remove children from lessons which undermine traditional faith or family values, meaning there is no choice!

​The video was released on YouTube by Question LGBT Education.

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