Black Youths Attack White Girl With Baby on Her Lap! Black Guy Dances While They Beat White Girl Up!

#WhiteLivesMatter In this video that has been banned from social media, Black teens can be seen asking the girl to put the baby down so they can beat her up, when she refuses, what appears to be the youngest black, who was clearly itching to start fighting, grabs the white girl by the hair and starts beating her up, sending the poor baby flying!

4 Numbers Debunk Climate Change Extremism – Climate Extremists Doomed and Their Hysteria Shows They Know it!

The World is NOT Ending and the hysteria displayed by climate change extremists, show they have doubled down in one last grab at influence, power and profit… 3 – 2 – 1 – 0 – With these numbers, climate change will never be the same with solar particle forcing. They represent some key scientific numbers […]

When Your Government Refuses To Protect You: Old German Lady Sorts Migrant Prostitutes Out Herself With Hose!

An elderly German lady has taken matters into her own hands and cleared out a group of Angela Merkel’s migrant prostitutes that regularly gather outside her front door. She simply hosed them down…. Will she now become the perpetrator and be arrested by the German regime who deliberately no longer upholds law and order? (Visited […]

Obsessive Negativity and Pathological Replacism Destroying European Identities and only European Identities

The spectre of replacism is destroying Europe. Obsessive negativity about self pervades European identity and only European identity England Belongs To Us: Patriotic Alternative Conference Speech Massive thanks to Millennial Woes for getting me involved in this wonderful event, and to Mark Collett for organising it! It was an absolute pleasure 🙂 (Visited 67 times, […]

Reason Comes To German Parliament – How Long Before Ireland Realises Migrants Will Not Save Ireland, But Will Destroy It!

The German Bundestag (Parliament) was stunned by a frank honest speech from an elected AfD MP: “Migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it” Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) for AfD (Alternative fĂĽr Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, […]

“Kill Whites, Chinese and Indians rather than Blacks” – Anti mass immigration violence in South Africa comes to Europe!-

In Paris, in front of the SA embassy, there are members of the LDNA (Ligue de dĂ©fense noire africaine) calling on blacks in South Africa to kill whites, Chinese and Indians rather than their “black brothers”. Members of the organization or black bystanders clap hands. (Visited 99 times, 1 visits today)

Should We Vote For Nigel Farage and BRexit Party or Gerard Batten’s UKIP? Diversity In UK Politics!

As far as the EU election are concerned, it does not really matter which party’s MEP candidate you vote for, as long as thy are eurosceptic. However, to put Farage’s new Brexit party into perspective, Gerard Batten recently called the BRexit Party, the Tory Light party, and apart from BRexit it is a lot like […]

Brits Being Duped! Police and MSM Complicit in Subterfuge To Allow Muslims To Attack Us With Impunity!

British people are literally having the mickey taken out of them and most of them do not even know it… The UK Police protect Muslims and let them get away with crimes white people would be arrested for, while Mainstream media lies and spreads fake news or gap news to create opportunities for muslims to […]

Five Times More People Murdered by Islam in Sri Lanka than in New Zealand! – Where is The Outrage?

Sri Lanka WILL happen in a Western country one day… Sri Lankan police found 87 bomb detonators at the bus station in the nation’s largest city, following horrific bombings which killed 290 people on Easter Sunday. The detonators were discovered on Monday at a private bus stand located in the Pettah neighborhood of Colombo, police […]

359 Christian Martyrs Murdered by Islam, Are Insulted and Called “Easter Worshipers” By MSM and Complicit Politicians

CCTV footage has energed of one of the suicide bombers at Katuwapitiya Church. Islamic State has said it was responsible for the attacks, which targeted churches and high-end hotels, although it has not provided direct evidence of its involvement. Prominent US Democrats deliberately avoided using the word “Christian” when condemning bombings of churches and hotels […]

The Southern Oceans Are Getting Greener and Cooler, Proving “Global Warming” Alarmists WRONG, Again

The Southern Ocean is getting greener an cooler because the amount of marine plants (phytoplankton) has been increasing in the last 21 years. These changes appear to be happening faster during the winter, which suggests that the growing season is getting longer. This is important because the Southern Ocean has a big role in the […]

Youtube Targets Channels, Not Videos! “The Algorithm” is a Lie and Cover For Left Wing Supremacy and Censorship?

#Youtube has launched a new purge of content in which “no supremacist content is allowed”, yet this very act is an act of supremacy in itself! Youtube has implemented a divisive “Them versus Us” Policy which now clearly defines the Youtube platform as a far left wing outlet, for those who did not realise this […]

Traitor Sadiq Khan Told Mumbai That “London is Open” in Hindi. Open for Terrorists?

When visiting Mumbai Sadiq Khan told audiences, in Hindi, that “London is Open”, yet he complains in his pamphlet that he published for the communist Fabian Society, of which he was chairman from 2008 to 2010, that London is overpopulated and population growth is putting a huge strain on our housing, transport and infrastructure… (Visited […]

Taunting The Lion – Middle East NGO Boss Smashes Cake in Birthday Lion’s Face…

The head of a wildlife NGO has upset many animal lover worldwide after a shocking video surfaced of him throwing cake in the face of a rescued lion during a party held to celebrate the big cat’s birthday. To add insult to injury, Blend Brifkani, CEO of the Kurdish American Cooperation Organization, posted the video […]

“Enormous Hostility To UK” from EU Leaders – EU Rentboy Leo Varadkar Obediently Repeats The EU Party Line

Irish Traitor Leo Varadkar refuses to talk to UK about BRexit. He just obediently repeats The EU Party Line… He also played their bluff further by saying there is a lot of hostility towards another extension request from UK. The EU Rent boy, has said that there are only two solutions to BRexit. No deal, […]
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