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Over 1,500 march in silent protest against accommodating asylum seekers in Oughterard hotel as Fascist Left capitalise on the issue

Over 1500 people marched in a silent demonstration through the town of Oughterard on Saturday in opposition to any plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the former Connemara Gateway Hotel. The population of the town was 1,318 according to the 2016 census. The protesters started their procession at Oughterard church and finished at the hotel. Protesters were asked to wear yellow vests in one flyer. The march took place a day after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar urged TD Noel Grealish to "withdraw" and clarify his claim at a monster meeting last week that persecuted Christians from Syria would not be accommodated at the hotel and the people who would be coming were African economic migrants who wanted to "sponge" off the system. His remarks received a huge applause. The Irish Independent is reporting that Cllr Tom Welby, said people in Oughterard were “not upset” at what Mr Grealish said. “They are upset that he is being asked to apologise,”Mr Welby said. “The media is focusing on one word, as in “sponge”, “Mr Welby said. “If Noel Grealish had used the word “avail of” [taxpayers], no one would be talking about it,”the councillor said. Broadcast: Six One News | RTÉ One | 14 Sep 2019

Reason Comes To German Parliament – How Long Before Ireland Realises Migrants Will Not Save Ireland, But Will Destroy It!

The German Bundestag (Parliament) was stunned by a frank honest speech from an elected AfD MP: “Migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it” Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, […]

RTE News Coverage of Belfast Rally for Life 2019 – Abortion to be “decriminalised” from 22nd October in NI

The March for Life had a “much larger turnout” on 7 September in Belfast, while the pro abortion rally was still subjected to fearmongering by its leaders about the law not coming into affect due to the closing of UK Parliament by the Queen.

Secret footage of Boris v Leo meeting in Dublin: The Brexit Showdown

Secret footage of Boris meeting Leo in Dublin

“Islam Taking Over Streets is Wrong” – Indian Lawmaker. Can we park our cars in Mosques if Muslims can pray in our streets?

An Indian MP has lashed out at praying Muslim groups blocking roads and public places, saying that Muslim worshipers in India should pray in mosques and that those who block public streets, while offering Namaz should be dealt with. The Indian lawmaker has said this as the country’s minority Islamic community celebrates Eid-al-Fitr. Some religious practices of local Muslims cause inconveniences to residents of Indian and many other cities, Bhola Singh, who was recently re-elected to the Indian parliament has said. The lawmaker from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) is urging Muslims to restrict their prayers to specialized places of worship.
"A place has been designated for expressing your devotion. Roads should not be blocked. If it happens, it is wrong. Action should be taken."
The politician believes that Hindus celebrating their festivals are, by contrast, not disturbing anyon

The Totalitarian Enemy Within: Why UK & Ireland Support ISIS Terrorists But Not IRA “Terrorists”

Elvis, an Iranian Christian in exile in UK, reads from the Arabic versions of the Quran and Haddiths to make sense of the inexplicable sympathetic reaction the Irish and UK governments have towards ISIS terrorists, yet people who went to fight against ISIS with the Kurds and IRA terrorists are jailed. It is clear our Governments cannot speak Arabic and cannot read the Quran, otherwise they would see how they are being used by Islam. Or do they? Are they perhaps colluding with Islam in order to implement a totalitarian regime, hoping they can extract Islam later on? Elvis thinks so... Boy are they wrong... this trick has been played out in every country which is now an Islamic State.. and those that tried to use Islam to gain power, were the first to be beheaded in the public square.

So UK is Not Sovereign After All? Why Is Traitor May Begging EU Dictators For Permission To Leave EU Despite BRexit Win?

For years EU apologists have constantly claimed that UK was still Sovereign whilst power was transferred to Brussels, yet here we are with the UK leader down on her hands and knees begging for permission to leave. Where are all these short sighted apologists now?  EU supremacist leader Merkel bluntly said "No way to change" BRexit deal, May's grovelling and embarrassing visit, where May even struggled to exit her car, should be the guilty verdict for all the traitors and naysayers over the years! 
Theresa May just couldn't catch a break. In the midst of her latest BRexit debacle, the simple act of opening a car door proved too taxing for the UK prime minister.
May visited three European capitals Tuesday in a desperate bid to beg for the return of UK Sovereignty and her Brexit deal, a day after delaying a parliamentary vote on the text to avoid a crushing defeat. When May was in Berlin fo

Official Dail Records Are A “Makey-uppy” Thing – Oireachtas Transcripts Changed What Was Actually Said!

The official Dail transcript records Ms Chambers as having said: "Abortion regret is made up and it does not exist" though video from Thursday night clearly shows that she said: "Abortion regret is a makey-uppy thing. It doesn't exist." Three issues of concern are, firstly, where the ‘Official’ record, the Transcript is INCORRECT! It is a modified, edited version of what was Actually said. It proves a transcriber (or is there a subsequent upstream editor of the data?) interpreting and perverting reality... If this is possible as has happened in this case, with such ease and unconcern, what else has been retrospectively modified, erased, edited in all other ‘Official’ records of Oireachtas since the State was founded? Why do we wonder about the abundance of ‘Fake News’ when we can’t even retain the integrity of our own ‘Official’ records? The second point is the total dismissal of the Reality of abortion regret. Somehow LGBT people or illegal

Doh! EU’s Own Poll Shows Majority of Italians Would Follow UK and Vote to Leave EU if Referendum Was Held Now! #ItalExit

Italy has turned out to be more Euroskeptic than previously imagined after a new survey revealed that a majority of Italians want to see their country following UK and crashing out of the 28-member bloc.
According to a poll of nearly 28,000 Europeans commissioned by the European Parliament's Eurobarometer, only 44 percent of Italians would vote to remain in the EU, compared to the member states’ average of 66 percent, making Italy one of the bloc's most eurosceptic countries. The figure is higher even than Britain which announced that it was withdrawing from the bloc in 2016 after 51 percent of Britons voted for BRexit. A clear majority of respondents in Italy were convinced that things in the EU were going in the wrong direction: 58 percent, compared to just 21 percent who said it was on the right track. Most EU countries answered similarly, in fact, with a comparable percentage of pe

Video: Why Was Tommy Robinson Arrested If Public Can Obstruct Justice Being Served and Prevent Deportation of Convicted Muslim Gang Rapist!?

PUSHING SNOWFLAKE BUTTONS: A Group of mostly Asian passengers prevented a Muslim gang rapist from being deported to Somalia on a Turkish Airlines flight at Heathrow Airport. The Somali man had raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS! Officials escorting Yaqub Ahmed on a flight from Heathrow to Turkey were forced to abandon his deportation when around a dozen passengers heard his deliberate pleas and protestations, felt sorry for him angrily intervened shortly before take-off. Third worlders know very well how to push the buttons of Westerners to achieve sympathy... Justice really is literally blind in the UK if Tommy Robinson can get arrested outside a trial fro broadcasting something the BBC had already published, yet anyone can prevent Justice from being served by interfering with the carriage of Justice! Why are people being deported on commercial passenger planes anyway? Not only does this put the public at risk, but it is

Miscegenist E.U. Uses Hungary to Continue Bluffing and Playing for Time to Smuggle Africans and Asians into Europe.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivered a fiery speech to European lawmakers in Strasbourg, before they began deliberations on suspending the country’s key EU rights due to his government’s policies. Orban accused the “pro-migrant majority” of having “already made up their minds” to invoke the European Union Treaty’s Article 7 against Hungary, for its treatment of migrants and minorities, and the ruling party purported abuse of the law and suppression of media freedoms.
“Hungary will not accede to this blackmailing, Hungary will protect its borders, stop illegal migration and - if needed - we will stand up to you,” said Orban, who was re-elected with an overwhelming majority in April. Hungary is going to be condemned because the Hungarian people have decided that this country is not going to be a country of migrants.” Ca

David Stanton, Minister Secretly Inserting “Refugees” into Small Rural Irish Villages, Ignores Alternative Solutions He Requested

Over five months ago, David Stanton, TD, Minister of State in the Department of Justice and Equality, responsible for Equality, Immigration and Integration, requested alternatives for accommodating refugees and migrants in an interview on Clare FM. This was during the outcry when the charming Irish village of Lisdoonvarna was faced with having 100 "refugees", equal to a third of their population, forcibly inserted into their midsts, despite having consistently said no to this proposal and voting unanimous vote for no. Genocidal David Stanton even admitted on TV that residents do not have a say. We sent the Minister a letter outlining alternatives, and despite having acknowledged receipt on 21st March, at both his official email addresses, we have still heard nothing. Indeed they continue to accept refugees in record numbers, without any transparency, whilst not deporting failed or false claimants further clogging up the system and exacerbating the problem.

Is Merkel Lying to Cling to Power? Italy, Poland, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Hungary, Egypt, Morocco Deny Her Claims of the EU Migrant Deal

Angela Merkel used to be viewed like the German football team - invincible, with exceptional technical skill and a steely determination that always prevailed. Or, to use another metaphor, her style of governing was reminiscent of the slogan of the car-manufacturer Audi, Vorsprung Durch Technik: ‘Advantage through technical prowess’.