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The War Against Men, Marriage and Human Sexuality | Michael Leahy

Vice Party Chairperson, Michael Leahy speaks on the decline of traditional western values, and institutions that once made us great. You can join the Irish Freedom Party through this link: Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

Black Youths Attack White Girl With Baby on Her Lap! Black Guy Dances While They Beat White Girl Up!

#WhiteLivesMatter In this video that has been banned from social media, Black teens can be seen asking the girl to put the baby down so they can beat her up, when she refuses, what appears to be the youngest black, who was clearly itching to start fighting, grabs the white girl by the hair and starts beating her up, sending the poor baby flying!

VIDEO: #TakeTheKneeForIslam “We Muslims are the New Black People of America!” – Blacks Get Brainwashed Into Attacking Whites for Islam’s Jihad!

BLM is currently more popular than both the Republican and Democrat Party in America! So who is paying for and stoking the race war? It is clear to even the most cucked or uninterested observer, that something is going on. Over the last few years "anti-racism" has become so militant and aggressive, that it is now the epitome of structural and systemic racism itself! Yet still it is pushed further and further, and now CAIR comes out openly admitting they have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement! We already know Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has been heavily funding the "anti-racism" movement and antifa.

Is a Caretaker Government Allowed to Implement a Lockdown? John Waters Challenges Lockdown in Court!

No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, the constitutionality of this is a legitimate question which needs to be tested in court. Whether it is advantageous for your partisan agenda or not, it is vital our constitution and freedom is protected by constantly challenging the status quo. That is democracy! Freedom […]

Are Honey Bees “Racist” Too? Honey Bees Protect Their Hive & Honey From Intruder Bumble Bees & Wasps

Ever wonder why bees, and animals in general, as a species, have survived longer and will survive longer than humans? Because they understand and respect the laws of nature, which demand that true diversity be defended and adhered to, in order to ensure the survival of the species. “Mixing it up” as humans do, only […]

Planned Parenthood Is So Greedy For Donations They Will Commit Eugenics & Let You Kill Black Babies!

The video which portrays a recorded phone call to a Planned Parenthood donation line exposed exactly who they are...

#BlackPrivilege RTE PROPAGANDA: Africans are the new VIP privilege class in Ireland who can do no wrong & get everything they demand

Worship the little black boy seems to be the mantra in Ireland. The communist marxist globalist have also said that they will dig up the dead heroes of white people and kill them again… What they also seem to be doing is resurrecting black people and putting them on a podium for adoration and worship […]

Windows Display for Penneys Christmas Collection in Dublin Pushes Globalist Miscegenation Agenda!

Ask any advertising agency – mixed & non white races spend more money on disposable goods & brand names. This is the root of the #Kalergi plan, for greedy elites to make more profit. Whites are not profitable – they save, demand quality & don’t breed new consumers fast enough! Miscegenation is the coerced mixing […]

Military Occupation Pretending to be Democracy! Lord Chancellor, a British Crown Title, in Ireland?

A law has been passed, that if you are on the medical card and you reject the treatment they offer you, that you can be detained and declared a lunatic under British law! In Ireland? How can a Lord Chancellor, a British Crown Title, still rule in the Republic of Ireland?

Rumours Fly Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD Blames Charlie Flanagan’s Migrant Crisis for Housing Crisis!

After having just survived the no confidence vote, Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD ignored Charlie Flanagan's offered handshake to congratulate him, making Charlie look the fool! Seems there is animosity between the two and a source "high up in Fine Gael" seems to suggest Minister for Immigration, Charlie Flanagan's refugee crisis is being blamed for the housing crisis, and thus the reason for the no confidence vote...

Giving The Homeless Irish a Voice, Face and Hope – 18yo School Student Does More Than Most Adults

Another cold night in Dublin and the dedicated Cathrine is out there again bringing the hidden unwanted Irish to our attention. Jody, an 18 year old school students is out there regularly doing what she can to help. We also visit another church offering temporary refuge and meet a homeless lady literally counting the pennies…

Smoking is Harmless they said! They also said WMDs, Russian Collusion, Global Warming, etc. Wake Up!

“Smoking is harmless” they said “Weapons of Mass Destruction” they said “Coastal Cities would be flooded in 12 years” they said “Trump can never win” they said “Russian collusion” they said Vaping, mobile phones, vaccines, LGBTxyz, Sex-ed 4 kids is harmless they are saying now. Climate emergency is real they’re SAYING NOW… Why do we […]

#Homeless Irishman Hasn’t Heard of New Patriotic Parties! Sleeps at Church Door & Gets Fed By Priest

Homeless are humans too! Tonight Cathrine speaks to Chris who has been homeless for 7 months. He says he has never heard of the new Patriotic parties like National Party, Irexit, ACA etc. because he only reads the mainstream papers in the morning… He sleeps at the Catholic church door until the priest arrives and […]

New Irish Leo Varadkar’s family in India express delight at him becoming PM according to Hindustan Times.

New Irish Leo Varadkar's family in India express delight at him becoming PM according to Hindustan Times. Imagine you are an Indian in India, and there are a 1.2 Billion of them (17.5% of the world's population), and you see a country whose Prime Minister is half Indian...

For 1,400 Years Muslims Cursed Jews & Christians Yet Remain Cursed Themselves & Stuck In Past

Iraqi TV host from ANB TV reads critical text by a Late Syrian Poet that talks about modern day Muslims being stuck in the past: For 1,400 Years We Cursed Jews and Christians But We Have No Unity… The video was uploaded because the original MEMRI TV channel was closed. I claim no rights, it […]
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