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The Totalitarian Enemy Within: Why UK & Ireland Support ISIS Terrorists But Not IRA “Terrorists”

Elvis, an Iranian Christian in exile in UK, reads from the Arabic versions of the Quran and Haddiths to make sense of the inexplicable sympathetic reaction the Irish and UK governments have towards ISIS terrorists, yet people who went to fight against ISIS with the Kurds and IRA terrorists are jailed. It is clear our Governments cannot speak Arabic and cannot read the Quran, otherwise they would see how they are being used by Islam. Or do they? Are they perhaps colluding with Islam in order to implement a totalitarian regime, hoping they can extract Islam later on? Elvis thinks so... Boy are they wrong... this trick has been played out in every country which is now an Islamic State.. and those that tried to use Islam to gain power, were the first to be beheaded in the public square.

New Zealand Attack – Victims Not Terrified? Disappearing Cartridges? Yet No Questions Are Allowed?

Why were victims of the New Zealand attack not shouting and screaming in terror? Why did the shooter's cartridges disappear into thin air? Why Are We not Allowed to Question Anything About It? In today's world of Big Government and fascist policing of the citizenry, we must learn to question everything and remain suspicious of everything, even the most innocuous.

UN Migration Pact To Be Compulsory! The Establishment Lies To The People To Hold On To Power! Get Out & Fight Back!

Is Physical Intervention The Only Way To Save European Nations? So, the so called "far right conspiracy", that the UN Migration Pact was not voluntary, turns out to be true! A document has been leaked showing that the Establishment is planning to make the UN Migration Pact compulsory and even countries that did not sign, will be forced to comply. Internal documents reveal that Brussels plans to incorporate the controversial UN migration pact into the EU’s legal framework “through the back door”, Austria and Hungary have warned.

Fatal Knife Attacks Highest Ever Recorded In England – Two Thirds Of Victims Are White, But Deathly Silence on Ethnicity of Killers!

Knife homicides in England and Wales hit a record high during the 12 months up to March 2018, with the deaths “destroying lives and shattering communities.” 285 killings were committed, the biggest number since records began. The report, released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), shows that homicides caused by a knife or sharp instrument, increased by a whopping 73 on the same period for 2016-2017. The previous high was recorded in 2008 when 268 victims died. The figures from the Homicide Index data reveal that the highest increases occurred within the 16 to 24, and 25 to 34 male age groups. White victims of fatal stabbings made up around two thirds of the total at 179, the highest for a decade. Meanwhile, 70, a quarter of those killed, were black. It is the highest number and proportion of black victims since the year ending March 1997. David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, blamed poor government policy and its failed war on drugs, which has allo

When the IRISH become a Minority in Ireland, Remember South Africa’s Cry for Help and Warning!

When You Wake Up as A Minority in Your Own Country, Remember South Africa's Cry for Help and it's Warning to the West! In order to remain fully independent and not compromised or subservient to globalist advertisers or special interests, relies on our readers, listeners and viewers for funding and support and we thank you for your patronage and patriotism. [embed][/embed] Please do consider making a donation, once off or regularly per month via: Patreon: or Paypal: Alternatively please consider booking your Rental Car hire or Hotel booking from the search forms on our website. All proceeds are used to grow and promote our platform and service. Thank You.

Irish Charity Worker Who Knew South Africa was Dangerous, stabbed to death in Cape Town

Dublin man had been due to return home within the next two weeks when he was killed in Cape Town. Irish charity worker John Curran (60), who was killed in Cape Town South Africa on Wednesday, was due to return to Ireland within the next two weeks having completed a contract with Mellon Educate, the Irish-based African development charity, in Capetown. He had been director of education for the charity there since October 2016. Mr Curran was stabbed to death in his city centre apartment in Cape Town, South African on Wednesday. Police spokesperson Captain Ezra October told The Irish Times on Thursday that Mr Curran was found deceased on Wednesday morning. “Our forensic team has been at the scene of the crime gathering evidence and the body has been taken to the mortuary,” he said. A murder case has been opened by the police but no arrests have been made yet, Captain October added. Mr Curran, from Templeogue, had been founding principal of Good Sh

Philadelphia bans bulletproof plexiglass for shop fronts

Philadelphia 8th District Councilwoman Cindy Bass said that having to see plexiglass represents an “indignity” to her African American constituents and should therefore be banned. Bass is the driving force behind the bill. Fox News reported that Philadelphia is one step closer to getting rid of bulletproof glass in many of its small businesses. The ban […]