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Incoherent Angry Drunken Rant Election Special

The Irish paid the blood price to reach and stay in America, unlike the entitled migrants being paid to come to Ireland!

Are you sick of being told over and over again by regressives "sure, didn't the Irish go to America?" Then pay attention

Gemma O’Doherty vs the Régime. Fingal by-election

A check in on the campaign trail of Nationalist hero GOD vs the Régime. Links here for flyer downloads. Download and help her in the area.

Election 2020 – Looking at the Candidates

Starting up North and making our way down the map

Port Salon Direct Plantation. Scammers want free house ONE WEEK after going into holiday hotel

Reupload of the scammers who are apparently 'fleeing war' not being happy about being in a stunning Donegal holiday location with free food and and a roof over their head plus money. Yes this is what we're really up against.

Labour Party’s Pamela Kearns tells shocked audience babies masterbate

Labour Party Councillor & pre-school teacher Pamela Kearns who supports the new radical sex education system for children tells a public meeting that babies masturbate. We’re living in a sick time alright

Nazi Lidl now working in cahoots with the regime to topple Gemma O’Doherty and the Irish Nation

In a new sinister turn Pravda RTE and the Leo Regime are openly working in cahoots with zee Germans to put the jack boot firmly on the neck of the humble Irish.

Meet the Direct Provision little Heroes

So the regime did some interviews with the best they could find in the taxpayer funded DP holiday camps. Let’s see who the war fleeing refugees really are. Let’s hear their story.

8 Erne St Ballyshannon

Scene from 8 Erne St Ballyshannon. A once proud culture & way of life that allowed us to defy 800 years occupation. Thrown on the scrap heap and left to rot. All hail the international corporation on a tax loophole offering minimum wage. The price of our souls.#VoteNP — Paul McWeeney NP Sligo/Leitrim (@PaulMcWeeneyNP) […]

An interview with a Sinn Fein member

As an ex Shinner myself I thought it would be interesting to see what a member of my old party thinks of the pressing issues of the day.

John Waters, Dún Laoghaire candidate – 2020 General Election – It’s time to take our country back

Journalist and writer John Waters is running for the constituency of Dún Laoghaire in the 2020 Irish General Election under the Anti-corruption Ireland banner. This video was edited from an original video by youtuber user Granville Thorndyke who has since deleted his channel. It was originally titled “Ireland Sinks into Conformist PC Oblivion”.

Dissecting the Greta Thunberg bolloxology

The End is nigh the Cyborg says. Is she rigth or is it a pile of bollocks?

Trócaire stands with anti-Catholic hate groups

Did you think you were helping the black babies by putting a penny in the box? Think again.
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