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The Irish Homeless Protest Direct Provision

The time is now. The election is 4 weeks away. Get signed up with the National Party and get active right now. Everybody signed up needs to aim to hit 5000 houses a week. Do everything in your power to push your local candidate through. Make sure you’re registered to vote. You only have a […]

Cork Free Speech Rally. Irish Nationalists vs The Dregs of Humanity

Come see the freak show that is the extreme left in Ireland. Fed up with this nonsense? Then join The National Party.

Far Left Anti Catholic Hate Group Destroys Graveyard in Cork – Whodunnit?

20 Graves were desecrated in a graveyard in Kilcully, yet mainstream media pretends it did not happen... now if it were any other religion, especially the religion of pieces, or perish the thought, the "chosen ones", there would have been absolute outrage with the Garda all over it!

Join The National Party

A new year and Ireland needs you more than ever. Sign up now and join The National Party and get active. You have to reach the general public.

An Garda Siochana Arabic Recruitment Video

Anyone for Sharia Law?

Trócaire stands with anti-Catholic hate groups

Did you think you were helping the black babies by putting a penny in the box? Think again.

An interview with a Sinn Fein member

As an ex Shinner myself I thought it would be interesting to see what a member of my old party thinks of the pressing issues of the day.

Meet the Direct Provision little Heroes

So the regime did some interviews with the best they could find in the taxpayer funded DP holiday camps. Let’s see who the war fleeing refugees really are. Let’s hear their story.

Labour Party’s Pamela Kearns tells shocked audience babies masterbate

Labour Party Councillor & pre-school teacher Pamela Kearns who supports the new radical sex education system for children tells a public meeting that babies masturbate. We’re living in a sick time alright

Gemma O’Doherty vs the Régime. Fingal by-election

A check in on the campaign trail of Nationalist hero GOD vs the Régime. Links here for flyer downloads. Download and help her in the area.

Noel Grealish has the Regime cowering in terror

The Regime. It’s afraid

Non Local PBP Traitors Flood Local Achill Island Direct Plantation Meeting To Coerce & Castigate Locals Into Welcoming “Refugees”

A bourgeois West Brit PBP scum comes to lecture the Irish working class as to why human trafficing is a good idea

The Feckwitted round up

A quick recap of the weeks news. What have those pesky Cultural Marxists been up to this time?

Top 5 Crazy Moments From Crusty Extinction Rebellion “Activists”

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