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Over 1,500 march in silent protest against accommodating asylum seekers in Oughterard hotel as Fascist Left capitalise on the issue

Over 1500 people marched in a silent demonstration through the town of Oughterard on Saturday in opposition to any plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the former Connemara Gateway Hotel. The population of the town was 1,318 according to the 2016 census. The protesters started their procession at Oughterard church and finished at the hotel. Protesters were asked to wear yellow vests in one flyer. The march took place a day after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar urged TD Noel Grealish to "withdraw" and clarify his claim at a monster meeting last week that persecuted Christians from Syria would not be accommodated at the hotel and the people who would be coming were African economic migrants who wanted to "sponge" off the system. His remarks received a huge applause. The Irish Independent is reporting that Cllr Tom Welby, said people in Oughterard were “not upset” at what Mr Grealish said. “They are upset that he is being asked to apologise,”Mr Welby said. “The media is focusing on one word, as in “sponge”, “Mr Welby said. “If Noel Grealish had used the word “avail of” [taxpayers], no one would be talking about it,”the councillor said. Broadcast: Six One News | RTÉ One | 14 Sep 2019

Reason Comes To German Parliament – How Long Before Ireland Realises Migrants Will Not Save Ireland, But Will Destroy It!

The German Bundestag (Parliament) was stunned by a frank honest speech from an elected AfD MP: “Migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it” Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, […]

Biggest ever gathering in Oughterard by locals has overwhelmingly rejected asylum plans for their town – will government ignore them too?

Locals in Oughterard, Galway, tonight rejected any plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the Connemara Gateway Hotel. A packed community meeting was held in the Community Centre where a hand vote was taken. A majority of the townspeople clearly opposed any asylum plans for their town. Gearóid Murphy who took this video has said on twitter that locals have been informing that this was the biggest community gathering they’ve ever seen. You can follow Gearóid Murphy here: So far the government has refused to confirm or deny whether the Gateway hotel will be used to accommodate asylum seekers but Cllr Tom Welby told Niall Boylan last Friday that he believed this was the case. Previously Shannonside broadcaster Joe Finnegan told listeners that Minister for Immigration & Integration, David Stanton, has stated to him that the lack of consultation with locals when asylum seekers are being moved into a town or village was government policy as "if they informed people, there would be protest and nothing would happen". Stanton has been blasted a number of times for failing to consult with locals ahead of moving asylum seekers towns and villages across Ireland. One person in attendance at the community meeting said that Cllr Tom Welby has stated he believes there is no contract in place for the Connemara Gateway Hotel but contracts are usually signed just before asylum seekers are moved into a town. According to Eurostat in 2016, only 10% of asylum requests in Ireland are recognised as genuine but in 2017 an ESRI study revealed that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented. First Published: 11 Sep 2019

“Kill Whites, Chinese and Indians rather than Blacks” – Anti mass immigration violence in South Africa comes to Europe!-

In Paris, in front of the SA embassy, there are members of the LDNA (Ligue de défense noire africaine) calling on blacks in South Africa to kill whites, Chinese and Indians rather than their “black brothers”. Members of the organization or black bystanders clap hands.

Five Times More People Murdered by Islam in Sri Lanka than in New Zealand! – Where is The Outrage?

Sri Lanka WILL happen in a Western country one day… Sri Lankan police found 87 bomb detonators at the bus station in the nation’s largest city, following horrific bombings which killed 290 people on Easter Sunday. The detonators were discovered on Monday at a private bus stand located in the Pettah neighborhood of Colombo, police […]

Youtube Targets Channels, Not Videos! “The Algorithm” is a Lie and Cover For Left Wing Supremacy and Censorship?

#Youtube has launched a new purge of content in which “no supremacist content is allowed”, yet this very act is an act of supremacy in itself! Youtube has implemented a divisive “Them versus Us” Policy which now clearly defines the Youtube platform as a far left wing outlet, for those who did not realise this […]

RTÉ admits immigration is adding to the pressures in the housing market

Claire Byrne from RTÉ News At One spoke to Robert Shortt, RTÉ’s Economics Correspondent about the latest figures on immigration and employment from the CSO. The figures showed the number of people employed in the economy are falling. On an annual basis there were 45,000 more people in employment at the end of June but […]

Traitor Sadiq Khan Told Mumbai That “London is Open” in Hindi. Open for Terrorists?

When visiting Mumbai Sadiq Khan told audiences, in Hindi, that “London is Open”, yet he complains in his pamphlet that he published for the communist Fabian Society, of which he was chairman from 2008 to 2010, that London is overpopulated and population growth is putting a huge strain on our housing, transport and infrastructure…

Backwards Integration: Indoctrinating Locals With an Imported Religion. Children Taught Alahu Akbar!

#ReverseIntegration. Is it not up to the incoming population to integrate with the existing population? Should muslim kids not be taught christian ways? Why is the existing population expected to integrate with the incoming population? That is invasion and ethnocide. A video of a Danish class chanting Allahu Akbar triggers strong reaction. The methods of […]

People Before Profit Marginalise Themselves Even Further By Claiming “There Are Wildfires in The Arctic”! The Commie Circus Comes To Dublin…

After a dismal showing in local elections, the banshees came out from behind their Iron Curtains onto the streets of Dublin, to display their anti everything agenda, which is more about headlines than details or facts. Only a few hundred activists from disparate left wing causes gathered in front of the Spire as part of the headline grabbing "Extinction Rebellion" protests against nature yesterday.

“Islam Taking Over Streets is Wrong” – Indian Lawmaker. Can we park our cars in Mosques if Muslims can pray in our streets?

An Indian MP has lashed out at praying Muslim groups blocking roads and public places, saying that Muslim worshipers in India should pray in mosques and that those who block public streets, while offering Namaz should be dealt with. The Indian lawmaker has said this as the country’s minority Islamic community celebrates Eid-al-Fitr. Some religious practices of local Muslims cause inconveniences to residents of Indian and many other cities, Bhola Singh, who was recently re-elected to the Indian parliament has said. The lawmaker from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) is urging Muslims to restrict their prayers to specialized places of worship.
"A place has been designated for expressing your devotion. Roads should not be blocked. If it happens, it is wrong. Action should be taken."
The politician believes that Hindus celebrating their festivals are, by contrast, not disturbing anyon

Human Traffickers Charge 20,000 Euros Per Person To Smuggle Fakugees From Morocco To Spain on Kalergi Boats

Spanish police have smashed a Bangladeshi-run ring which smuggled more than 350 migrants from the Indian subcontinent into the country and gave them fake passports. The migrants allegedly paid the ring between €14,000-20,000 ($15,500-$22,000) for the journey, police said, adding that 11 people had been arrested in Barcelona where the group was based. The migrants were flown to Algeria, from where they crossed into neighbouring Morocco by foot and were then taken by motorboat across the Mediterranean into Spain, the police said in a statement issued on Friday. At least 350 people from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were smuggled in by the group, the statement added. The ring comprised several cells. One was charged with recruiting migrants, another organised their stay in transit countries while a third arranged the Mediterranean Sea crossing. The gang fraudulently obtained Algerian entry visas for the migrants in India. Once the migrants were in Spai

Macron Tries To Use Anti Mass-immigration Sentiment To Create EU State and Change Dublin Schengen Agreement

The Schengen agreement and the current migrant-sharing mechanism are deeply flawed and need urgent fixing, French President Emmanuel Macron has said. Europe must "have borders" even if it means a smaller Schengen zone, he said. In the first major press conference since the Yellow Vest movement took off in November, Macron unveiled a range of policy measures to placate the protesters, including a proposed overhaul of the European-wide migration policy and the Schengen agreement. The embattled French leader argued that the agreement that guarantees free movement across the Schengen area, while "wonderful," does not work anymore. The same, he said, applies to the Dublin Regulation that determines which EU member-state is responsible for accepting asylum seekers. Under the current version of the agreement, which came into force in 2013 and applies to all EU member-states except Denmark, the main criteria for determining responsibility is the first point of entry. "The

New Zealand Attack – Victims Not Terrified? Disappearing Cartridges? Yet No Questions Are Allowed?

Why were victims of the New Zealand attack not shouting and screaming in terror? Why did the shooter's cartridges disappear into thin air? Why Are We not Allowed to Question Anything About It? In today's world of Big Government and fascist policing of the citizenry, we must learn to question everything and remain suspicious of everything, even the most innocuous.