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Highland Radio debate on Irexit with Hermann Kelly and Matt Carthy

Highland Radio hosted a debate today on Irexit with the Irish Freedom Party's Hermann Kelly and Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy. Kelly supports leaving the EU which he believes is responsible for imposing a €64 billion private "Franco-German bank debt" on the Irish tax-payer. "We're the third most indebted country in the world after Greece and Japan." "Every man, woman and child in the country now has a public debt of €44 thousand on their head." "After the treaty of Nice, we had half a million people because of EU open borders, we had half a million people come to Ireland so we had cheap credit, cheap labour, a building boom and bust and who suffered the consequence of that huge recession? It was the Irish people because we've lost control of the levers that control our economy." Broadcast: Nine 'til Noon Show | Highland Radio | 09 Sep 2019

Ex-Democrat explains to Liveline why illegal immigration is an electoral fraud operation!

Tom called into Liveline during their coverage of Vice President Mike Pence's trip to Ireland. Tom explained the he and his wife were former Democrats and Obama voters but after living in Sante Fe and witnessing what illegal immigration was doing to America's school system and electoral system, they became proud Trump supporters. Mass immigration alters the voting patterns of a nation. Katie Hannon was standing in for Joe Duffy Broadcast: Liveline | RTÉ Radio One | 03 Sep 2019

Big gains for AfD in German regional elections! SPD, CDU and Die Linke face losses despite colluding against AfD

In Brandenburg: SPD were down 5.9% CDU were down 7.1% Left Party were down 7.8% (from 10.8%) Afd were up 11.3% Greens were up 4.5% In Saxony SPD were down 4.6% CDU were down 6.9% Left Party were down 8.6% (from 10.8%) Afd were up 18.1% Greens were up 2.5% A DW correspondent remarked: "what we are seeing here as a trend is a decline of the so called big tent parties." According to a poll taken during the election, more than 80% of voters had a positive outlook on their future but 70% of AfD voters said they feel like second-class citizens in Germany., Another DW correspondent remarked on AfD's gains: "They are particularly good at addressing fears that other parties aren't addressing clearly at least for upwards of 20% of people that went to the polls this weekend." Broadcast: DW Live | 01 Sep 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvqKZHpKs-g

Ruairí McKiernan and the Establishment Weaponisation of Tech Giants

Force the establishment to look themselves in the mirror and to live by their own alleged values. You can find some of the background material in this, useful for sharing this story in a nutshell. Time to audit these people!

Populism vs Technocracy vs Globalism

Thinking out loud on populism, technocracy, globalism and living standards.

Coastal Communities Have Lived Off Traditional Fishing For 1,000’s of Years

Coastal Communities have lived off traditional fishing for thousands of years. Our way of life is being destroyed.

Irish MEP election candidate Ben Gilroy stars in striking campaign video

An Irish candidate in the European elections has drawn attention to his campaign with a bizarre video in which he smashes through plaster walls. Ben Gilroy, an independent activist who is standing in Dublin, takes aim at “state corruption” and “unlawful evictions” by destroying them with a hurley, the stick used in the Irish sport […]

How Over 60 Local Election Candidates in Wexford Have Already Failed At Their Job Of Providing Oversight On Behalf Of The Electorate!

Local Election Ballot Papers for New Ross in Wexford had to be reprinted, after Postal Ballots were sent out, due to an error in the order of candidates. Did your candidate even bother to attend proceedings? Is your Local Election Candidate in Wexford promising they will take care of businesses and bring transparency and oversight to the Council? If so they have failed to do so in the weeks leading up to the 2019 local elections. The first opportunity for candidates to physically see the ballot papers, and provide oversight and pick up any potential mistakes, or potential conflicts, was completely ignored by ALL of the 60 plus candidates in Wexford, except for Renua's candidate Dorota Kulesza. Whilst all the other candidates dismissed the issuing of postal ballots as not important enough to attend, or even bother sending an agent, maybe coming from Poland, or being an accountant, Dorota Kulesza from Renua understands the importance of making sure the instrumen

Globalist attacks on BRexit same as attacks on Irish after voting NO in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum

Feelings are sacred now, countries are not... Ireland was the only EU country to put the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote and they rejected it. Brussels then launched a secret plan to force Ireland to vote yes in a second referendum. An explosive secret document was revealed that exposed the deliberate push to make Ireland vote again and make them vote yes - this happened in October 2009. Likewise a document has been revealed showing similar manipulation and secrets arrangements on BRexit between May and Merkel. The only way out is NOT to vote for FF/FG/SF/PBP/Labour/SD etc. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7pccS4JWwI&t=2s[embed] BRexit is deliberately being turned into a complete disaster to scare any other EU countries from even thinking about it. And it is working! The British are standing and marching against what has been done, but the Irish seem to be docile and accepting of anything that gets done to them... Even Africans would not allow their c

#BRexitBetrayal Tory & Labour Canvassers Spat At When Going Door to Door As UK Has Its Lisbon Moment

Regular guest Elvis is back on the show to impart his knowledge and experience from fleeing the Islamic revolution in Iran to UK where he now sees the same things happening... Crime in London is so bad even the muslim Home Secretary says he cannot sleep until his son gets home safe. It is not only knife crime, but also gun crime and drug crime that is up. This is part of the Islamic plan - which they used in Iran before and during the revolution as a way to destroy the society to make it week. Many Brits might have laughed at the Irish when they had to vote again for Lisbon Treaty and the Nice Treaty, thinking it could never happen in Britain... but here we are... As Gerard Batten said, the EU Elections have become a rerun of the referendum. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTN2fwvWL9E[embed] However the BRexit debacle has woken many people up, especially the silent resistance and the silent majority who might not normally go to marches or speak out, but the

59 Candidates Declare for MEP Elections in Ireland – Still Far Too Few Eurosceptics

DUBLIN is set to be the ‘group of death’ in the European election as three ex-ministers, a sitting MEP, the President’s daughter and a well-known TD vie for just three seats. Nominations for next month’s elections closed this afternoon with 59 candidates putting their names forward across the three constituencies. The competition is expected to be fierce after the UK’s decision to hold their own vote, pending their departure from the EU. Ireland was to gain two extra seats – one each in Dublin and Ireland South – but these will now be put into ‘cold storage’ until Brexit actually happens. This means the battle in the capital will be fascinating. Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan is the only sitting MEP to defend her seat after Brian Hayes (FG) and Nessa Childers (Independent) decided to step down. Former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald will be fighting to retain the Fine Gael seat, while ex-children’s minister Barry Andrews wants to retake a se

Presidential Election Runner Up, Peter Casey, To Run in Euro Elections on Urban Versus Rural Crusade

Businessman Peter Casey is to contest the European elections on a platform that seeks to change the immigration system and end the rural-urban divide, the Irish Independent can reveal. The former 'Dragons' Den' investor, who finished second in last year's presidential election, will run in the four-seat Midlands-North West constituency. Mr Casey rose to national prominence after claiming Travellers should not be recognised as an ethnic minority. The Donegal resident continues to stand by those comments but says his new campaign will be much broader. And he argues that the more than 300,000 people who voted for him "are not all people who don't like Travellers". "They like people who say what they think needs to be said," he added. Ahead of submitting his nomination papers today, Mr Casey told the Irish Independent: Immigration should be "limited to the numbers we can accommodate properly"; Brexit will "turn out like Y2K"; Ireland should be a worl
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