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“The Divine Plan” Movie Review and CIA Catholicism

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to review the film “The Divine Plan” (2019), which celebrates the alliance between President Reagan and Pope John Paul II during the Cold War, and to give his thoughts on “You might be a CIA Catholic if…” 0:00 Dr. Jones’s thoughts on the film 3:29 Who violated the treaty that […]

Poland and the Catholic Church – E. Michael Jones

Dr. Jones joins wRealu24 to discuss the state of the Catholic Church today, Poland’s place in history, the Amazon synod and more. Dr. E. Michael Jones is a world renowned and best-selling Catholic author, lecturer, and editor of Culture Wars magazine. His books include: đź“•Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control: đź“—The Slaughter of […]

Religion and the Alt-Right – E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones joins Saturday Night Trad on All Hallows Eve for an interview on the conflicts between the Alt-Right and Christianity. Mirrored from: Dr. E. Michael Jones is a world renowned and best-selling Catholic author, lecturer, and editor of Culture Wars magazine. His books include: đź“•Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control:… […]

Charlie Kirk and Kochsucker Conservatism

On Tuesday, October 29th, Charlie Kirk was met with a spectacular amount of resistance at his Turning Points USA conference at Ohio State University. One of the first questions posed to him was “How does anal sex help us win the Culture War?” Both Charlie Kirk and his Homosexual co-host Rob Smith were unable to […]

The Religion of Greta Thunberg

E. Michael Jones joins Henrik to talk about Greta Thunberg, her family, backstory, connections and inorganic rise to fame. Subscribe to Culture Wars magazine now, and you’ll receive the Greta Thunberg article in the November issue of the magazine. Red Ice TV has been de-platformed by YouTube twice in the past week, so make […]

The Deception Facing the Church by Christian Zionism

Today on TruNews, Dr. E. Michael Jones joins us to talk about the influence of modern Christian Zionism upon the American Church, and how that has led to a dramatic radicalization of US foreign policy in favor of one nation, Israel. Airdate 10/15/19 Dr. E. Michael Jones is a world renowned and best-selling Catholic author, […]

“We Have To Eat The Babies!” AOC get’s Trolled, or is this Climate Activist Being Sincere? Abortion Meets Global Warming!

Abortion meets Global Warming… The Green movement has gone so far left into the absurd with their policies, and fear mongering for votes, it is hard to tell whether they are real or joking or being trolled. What makes it sooo funny is that AOC has to pretend it’s real… yet she still seems totally […]

When Your Government Refuses To Protect You: Old German Lady Sorts Migrant Prostitutes Out Herself With Hose!

An elderly German lady has taken matters into her own hands and cleared out a group of Angela Merkel’s migrant prostitutes that regularly gather outside her front door. She simply hosed them down…. Will she now become the perpetrator and be arrested by the German regime who deliberately no longer upholds law and order?

Reason Comes To German Parliament – How Long Before Ireland Realises Migrants Will Not Save Ireland, But Will Destroy It!

The German Bundestag (Parliament) was stunned by a frank honest speech from an elected AfD MP: “Migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it” Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) for AfD (Alternative fĂĽr Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, […]

PewDiePie Meets The Mafia – Analysis by E. Michael Jones

On September 10th, the largest individual YouTuber, PewDiePie, released a video where he stated that he would be donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. Following 24 hours of backlash on the internet from his fans and cultural commentators like Dr. E. Michael Jones, PewDiePie retracted his offer to donate to this criminal organization. In this […]

Zee Liddle Germans go to War against lil ‘ol Gemma O’Doherty in Ireland!

With the full backing of the 'left' multi billion euro conglomerate Lidl cracks down on the humble irish

Irish Sex-Educator Holds Shocking Views – Are Parents Aware Of Educator’s Views and Content of HSE?

Parents in Ireland want to know exactly what their children are being taught. #gript

Backwards Integration: Indoctrinating Locals With an Imported Religion. Children Taught Alahu Akbar!

#ReverseIntegration. Is it not up to the incoming population to integrate with the existing population? Should muslim kids not be taught christian ways? Why is the existing population expected to integrate with the incoming population? That is invasion and ethnocide. A video of a Danish class chanting Allahu Akbar triggers strong reaction. The methods of […]

Psychological Warfare: E. Michael Jones on YouTube Censorship

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359 Christian Martyrs Murdered by Islam, Are Insulted and Called “Easter Worshipers” By MSM and Complicit Politicians

CCTV footage has energed of one of the suicide bombers at Katuwapitiya Church. Islamic State has said it was responsible for the attacks, which targeted churches and high-end hotels, although it has not provided direct evidence of its involvement. Prominent US Democrats deliberately avoided using the word “Christian” when condemning bombings of churches and hotels […]
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