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Rumours Fly Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD Blames Charlie Flanagan’s Migrant Crisis for Housing Crisis!

After having just survived the no confidence vote, Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD ignored Charlie Flanagan's offered handshake to congratulate him, making Charlie look the fool! Seems there is animosity between the two and a source "high up in Fine Gael" seems to suggest Minister for Immigration, Charlie Flanagan's refugee crisis is being blamed for the housing crisis, and thus the reason for the no confidence vote...

The Traitor Left Are Facilitating Criminal Justice Abuse By Migrants With Their Militant Fake “Racism” Claims

Carickmacross: In a case that has dragged on for years involving a Somalian "Asylum seeker", it is estimated that the state, i.e. taxpayers, paid over 70,000 Euros for a Barrister, Lawyer and Translator for a charge in which a mere 300 Euros fine was issued. The fact that this criminal with prior conviction in his home country, took away the life of two young men, one a pillar of Irish Society, a law student, seems to be completely ignored.

Outrage in Cork over asylum seekers secretly bussed in to Macroom hotel

“The people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt. Take a week off work, it will be well worth it!” The Niall Prenderville Show on Red Fm heard from callers over Riverside park hotel in Macroom being turned into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers without any consultation from the locals. Mick Mulcahy heard […]

Why Did World’s Biggest Superpower NOT sign UN Migration Pact? UN Using Migrants as Cannon Fodder

The U.N. has a history of powergrabs, more recently it tried to grab control of the internet! Now it is virtually loading Migrants Into cannons and firing them off to all stupid conquered nations, to destroy their identity and break down their civil society. The UN Migration Pact is a Red Line that has been crossed! Are you With Us, Against Globalist Supremacists or are you a Traitor against us? [embed][/embed] Please like, share and subscribe. Also do consider donating to our efforts: We look in detail at the reasons the United States did not sign the globalist United Nations Compact on Migration. We also look at why the United Nations should be charged with Genocide! We forgot! The Secretary General of The UN ended the UN Migration Pact adoption conference by saying borders are just lines on a map, and that this compact will help reduce the profound inequities of the lottery of birth. Did we forget tha

Is “Regularisation” a code word for selling our heritage? St Felim’s Hospital with Cemetery to be sold by HSE after “regularisation”

Amidst a crisis in the health sector, the HSA seems to have found time and money to arrange for the selling off of our heritage. The title of the old St Felims Hospital sited on 11.32 acres on the old Belturbet Road out of Cavan Town, along with its cemetery, is in the process of being "regularised" with a view to selling it to the private sector, the HSE has confirmed. The HSE is currently working with a solicitor and the Property Registration Authority with a view to "regularising title" for the St Felim’s property. It is expected that this process will take some time and it is unlikely to be achieved before 2019 at the earliest.

Seven French mayors warn government of mounting migrant crisis

There are too little resources made available to care for additional asylum seekers in the already-overcrowded shelters, the mayors noted in an article published in Le Monde this month. The mayors of Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulouse and Nantes have sounded the alarm on government inaction faced with the refugee crisis. Available housing facilities […]
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