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#FreeAngelaRay “Going to prison over a picture of my son” TUSLA incarcerates her for sharing pic of her own son!

How can the system be Christian if it has no forgiveness? Angela is still in prison, today is going to be a big day, protest outside the prison to show support for a wonderful lady that has been locked away for crying out for help with her son’s welfare, today we get to show our strength of power of the people.

Former Abortionist Anthony Levatino on Irish abortion law & conscience (Irish Spirit Radio)

This was posted on the Internet October 2019. "This is the best interview that I have heard yet post referendum - Dr. Anthony Levatino (former American abortionist) and his reaction to the ‘Irish model’...." Comment from Dr. Andrew O'Regan of Doctors for Life

Funny if it were not so serious! Forthright Katie Hopkins Tells Americans Just How Far UK and Europe Have Fallen.

“Mosques are not places of worship, they are places of organisation and mobilisation” – Katie Hopkins explains to americans what is happening in Europe with the islamic invasion and how it works. Katie Hopkins Speech to American Freedom Alliance Conference October 2019. With thanks to the AFA, President Karen Seigmund and all the AFA team.

The Traitor Left Are Facilitating Criminal Justice Abuse By Migrants With Their Militant Fake “Racism” Claims

Carickmacross: In a case that has dragged on for years involving a Somalian "Asylum seeker", it is estimated that the state, i.e. taxpayers, paid over 70,000 Euros for a Barrister, Lawyer and Translator for a charge in which a mere 300 Euros fine was issued. The fact that this criminal with prior conviction in his home country, took away the life of two young men, one a pillar of Irish Society, a law student, seems to be completely ignored.

Ben Gilroy’s Story on The Morning Show

This is Ben Gilroy’s story – This video was recorded on about 15/10/2011 –

Constitution and Ben Gilroy Halts the Sheriff

On the 20 February 2012 the deputy Sheriff arrived at another Irish family’s home to repossess it and give the keys to the bank in Co Laois. Thus putting another Irish family onto the streets. – The Morning Show – 24th (today’s show – Ben Gilroy is on) See follow up video!! – […]

Ben Gilroy Interview on Prime Time RTE

An interview with Ben Gilroy on Prime Time RTE

Ben Gilroy Interviewed by Newstalk

Ben Gilroy of People For Economic Justice is interviewed by News Talk a national radio station with regards to

Ben Gilroy Halts The Receivers Again

Ben Gilroy of People for Economic Justice stays that “You cannot have a receiver forced upon you that does not provide and act on a duty of care to you!“ This video is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Please do not edited the content but feel free to Redistribute. Download, Show at public […]

Constitution Halts Sheriff: What Happened Next!

Ben Gilroy outlines the sections of the Irish Constitution which were violated this week, when The Sheriff, assisted by Gardai, used ‘forced entry’ to evict a family in Co. Laoise. This same eviction had previously been halted by the Freedom From All Debt group (Now called: People For Economic Justice) along with other anti-eviction campaigners, […]

Sheriff Evicts 80 Year Old Then Gets Evicted Himself by People For Economic Justice!

An 80 year old lady was evicted in Dublin so she called People for Economic Justice who in turn showed the Sheriff the error of his ways and then evicted him.

Ben Gilroy Takes Back Pub from Receiver

Ben Gilroy from People for economic justice take back pub from receiver

Sheriff Breaks In To House – Ben Gilroy To The Rescue!

A Sheriff breaks into a home and said the lady let him in. Pity he didn’t see the cctv system lol. Owner has heart attack with shock.

Phoenix FM Radio Interviews Ben Gilroy

Phoenix FM Interview Ben Gilroy about his correspondence with The National Lottery in regards to the actions of one of their contractors, KPMG.

Sh*tstorm Coming Youtube’s Way! Every Youtuber MUST Watch and Protest Against Youtube Censorship

#SpeakersUnicorner There have been protests outside Google’s European headquarters in Dublin over the last two weeks, after Google summarily deleted a well known Irish Journalist’s Youtube channel with over 20,000 Subscribers. Strangely though, a variety of left wing groups including the MEP, Ming Flanagan, have called for counter protests against these protesters in support of […]
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