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Giving The Homeless Irish a Voice, Face and Hope – 18yo School Student Does More Than Most Adults

Another cold night in Dublin and the dedicated Cathrine is out there again bringing the hidden unwanted Irish to our attention. Jody, an 18 year old school students is out there regularly doing what she can to help. We also visit another church offering temporary refuge and meet a homeless lady literally counting the pennies…

Big Bucks Immigration Industry – Policy Paper Analysis Exposes Selling of Kith, Kin and Country for Coin

The Department of Justice & Equality recently published a progress report on the "Migrant Integration Strategy 2017-2020". I go through that document looking at policy objectives, how much money they're spending and where it's going. This paper demonstrates the existence of an "immigration industry" beyond any doubt.

Locals in Oughterard: “Direct Plantation system is a money making scam for those with political connections”

Locals in Oughterard points out that the DPC system is a money making scam for those with political connections. There is no consideration for local communities and decisions are made without regard or consultation. #gript Donate today to Gript! See more at Follow our socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Our Podcasts: #gript

Michael Collins, TD, Cork South West: “Proper consultation needs to take place with rural communities”

Micheal Collins TD for Cork South West says proper discussion and consultation has to take place before hotels are commanded for direct provision centres. A bigger discussion needs to take place which address the real concerns people have and also to be humane for those refugees who need it.

Outrage in Cork over asylum seekers secretly bussed in to Macroom hotel

“The people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt. Take a week off work, it will be well worth it!” The Niall Prenderville Show on Red Fm heard from callers over Riverside park hotel in Macroom being turned into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers without any consultation from the locals. Mick Mulcahy heard […]

Ben Gilroy’s Story on The Morning Show

This is Ben Gilroy’s story – This video was recorded on about 15/10/2011 –

Constitution and Ben Gilroy Halts the Sheriff

On the 20 February 2012 the deputy Sheriff arrived at another Irish family’s home to repossess it and give the keys to the bank in Co Laois. Thus putting another Irish family onto the streets. – The Morning Show – 24th (today’s show – Ben Gilroy is on) See follow up video!! – […]

Matt Cooper asks how dangerous it is to stand in solidarity with women burning the burka…

Matt Cooper on Today FM talked to Cllr Danny Byrne about the alleged attack on a Muslim teenager in Dundum on Sunday which gardaí have requested the public not to comment on. Garda sources have also said there is no indication that the assault of a Muslim teenager in a Dublin suburb was a hate […]

Ellie Kisyombe remains tight-lipped about her failed asylum bid despite acquiring residency

Ray D’Arcy is left under the impression Kisyombe’s asylum claim was successful remarking that the authorities went through her application “with a fine tooth comb” and gave her residency. The authorities did examine her application rigorously. That’s why they failed her application because they did not believe her claims of persecution in Malawi were credible. […]

Ben Gilroy Interviewed by Newstalk

Ben Gilroy of People For Economic Justice is interviewed by News Talk a national radio station with regards to

Constitution Halts Sheriff: What Happened Next!

Ben Gilroy outlines the sections of the Irish Constitution which were violated this week, when The Sheriff, assisted by Gardai, used ‘forced entry’ to evict a family in Co. Laoise. This same eviction had previously been halted by the Freedom From All Debt group (Now called: People For Economic Justice) along with other anti-eviction campaigners, […]

Sheriff Evicts 80 Year Old Then Gets Evicted Himself by People For Economic Justice!

An 80 year old lady was evicted in Dublin so she called People for Economic Justice who in turn showed the Sheriff the error of his ways and then evicted him.

Ben Gilroy Takes Back Pub from Receiver

Ben Gilroy from People for economic justice take back pub from receiver

Sheriff Breaks In To House – Ben Gilroy To The Rescue!

A Sheriff breaks into a home and said the lady let him in. Pity he didn’t see the cctv system lol. Owner has heart attack with shock.
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