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Partygoers Rock The House

Listen closely as Gardai are told to Get Out and to go get a Search Warrant.

Black Youths Attack White Girl With Baby on Her Lap! Black Guy Dances While They Beat White Girl Up!

#WhiteLivesMatter In this video that has been banned from social media, Black teens can be seen asking the girl to put the baby down so they can beat her up, when she refuses, what appears to be the youngest black, who was clearly itching to start fighting, grabs the white girl by the hair and starts beating her up, sending the poor baby flying!

VIDEO: #TakeTheKneeForIslam “We Muslims are the New Black People of America!” – Blacks Get Brainwashed Into Attacking Whites for Islam’s Jihad!

BLM is currently more popular than both the Republican and Democrat Party in America! So who is paying for and stoking the race war? It is clear to even the most cucked or uninterested observer, that something is going on. Over the last few years "anti-racism" has become so militant and aggressive, that it is now the epitome of structural and systemic racism itself! Yet still it is pushed further and further, and now CAIR comes out openly admitting they have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement! We already know Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has been heavily funding the "anti-racism" movement and antifa.

The Street Is Where People’s Opinions Matter Most (Limerick)

The conversation continues on to the Streets of #LimerickCity, where the People’s Opinions Matter Most. Join the People on the street and have your say.

We Do Not Consent

‘We The People Have The Final Say’ Not The Government. ( C. 1937 ) #LimerickCity

Special Sitting Castlerea Court

Stephen Silver, foxford, Mayo, has been charged with the #Murder of #Detective Garda Colm Horkan in Co. Roscommon.

On The Street Is Where People’s Opinions Matter Most

On The Street Is Where People’s Opinions Matter Most. In #CorkCity a group of concerned citizens have taken to the street to hand out Leaflets and Discuss their Concerns with their fellow members of the public. We the People value our Health and our Privacy and we Reserve our right to Choose and make Informed […]

It’s Suggested, Certain TD’s To Be Taken Into Military Custody

Pat Clohessy calls for the #Junta of Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris, Simon Coveney, Regina Doherty and Co. to be taken into #MilitaryCustody, and that #LeinsterHouse to be #Secured by the #IrishArmy until the President Dissolves the 33rd Dail and calls a #NewElection. Pat has also launched a #Petition for an #Inquiry into the Legality surrounding […]

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) happens each year on June 15th. Mari’s mother, Dolores Maxwell who died tragically a Victim of #ElderAbuse in Nov. 2010, as a result of a Managerial Failure within the H.S.E. and An Garda Síochána.

Letter To President And Attorney General, Junta Ireland

Letter from the Irish Sovereign People DEMANDING Michael D. Higgins ( #President ) and Seamus Woulfe ( #AttorneyGeneral ), to remove the #Junta of Leo Varadkar and his so-called Caretaker Administration. See Dropbox link in comments. ( You can co-sign both letters and resend the letters to the same email address as your personal form […]

Ireland For Safe Technology

Ireland For Safe Technology & End the Lockdown Ireland #CorkCity #ExitLockdown

No Scrutiny Of Emergency Law

There was #No public #Scrutiny of #EmergencyLaw that Rubbishes Civil Rights of, We The People. tutorial no. 5 ( 5 simple steps to Keeping an Eye on what Your Local TD is Up To recently in the Dail )

Irish Public Deserve Answers

In #CorkCity, the people Say No to the Caretaker Administration, Maltreatment of Our Elderly and the Excessive use of dangerous radiation Microwave Technology. #ExitLockdown Ireland For Safe Technology End the Lockdown Ireland ( If u watching this video on your Mobile App click on 3 Dots in the upper right-hand corner and then click on […]

TD’s Voice Grave Concerns About Emergency Legislation

Veteran TD’s voice Grave Concerns over the #Legitimacy of Dail Process on 5th March 2020 before debating #EmergencyLaws. ( tutorial video 4 of 5 )

Behind Scenes Dail Eireann

Behind the Scenes of Dail Eireann on the 5th March 2020. ( tutorial video 3 of 5 )
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