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Obsessive Negativity and Pathological Replacism Destroying European Identities and only European Identities

The spectre of replacism is destroying Europe. Obsessive negativity about self pervades European identity and only European identity England Belongs To Us: Patriotic Alternative Conference Speech Massive thanks to Millennial Woes for getting me involved in this wonderful event, and to Mark Collett for organising it! It was an absolute pleasure 🙂

John Lacken – Clarion Call – Maynooth March 12th 2019

Address given by John Lacken, Secretary of The Lumen Fidei Institute to close our conference in the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth which was held on Tuesday 12th March 2019. John read out our petition to the Irish Episcopal conference as part of his talk. Please visit our website to find our more or if you would like to support our work. You can sign up for our weekly e-mail on the site. May God bless you

JosĂ© Antonio Ureta – Maynooth, March 2019

JosĂ© Antonio Ureta delivered this talk titled "How to react when Bishops and Priests fail to fulfil their mission", at our Spring conference in The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth on 12th March 2019. We also held a Rosary procession at which we presented a petition to the Irish Bishops' Conference. Please visit our website to find out more or if you would like to make a donation. Contact John Lacken [email protected]

Lumen Fidei Maynooth Rosary Procession & Petition March 2019

On Tuesday 12th March, 2019, The Lumen Fidei Institute hosted a conference in The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Ireland. As part of the conference we held a Rosary Procession from the hotel to the Irish Bishop's Conference Spring meeting in the Columba Centre, Maynooth. Just over 100 people prayed the Rosary with us. On arrival at the Columba Centre, a petition was handed to Monsignor GearĂłid Dullea, executive secretary to the Irish Episcopal conference asking our bishops to properly address 10 serious areas of concern for Irish Catholics. You can read the petition on The Lumen Fidei Institute's website

Taking Our Democracy Back from the EU | Prof. Dolores Cahill at Irexit Cork

Dolores Cahill, award winning academic in Biomedicine, speaks at Irexit Cork in the Malrdon Hotel 16/02/19 Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

Putin brings hope of long term peace to Syria – can the refugees go back home now to rebuild their country?

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani have agreed on holding a Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi where an all-Syrian congress, which will see wide representation of the country’s opposition. Vladimir Putin with the Turkish and Iranian presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani, backed the idea. #HelpThemBackHome Success on the battlefield has paved the way to […]

U.S. Congressman Proposes $12 Million to Support Israel’s Ethiopian Community

Amendment proposed by Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Democratic lawmaker and a member of the House Rules Committee: ‘The community faces a number of major challenges, including enduring shortfalls in education’ A U.S. Congressman from Florida has proposed a legislative amendment that would devote $12 million to support Israel’s Ethiopian community. The amendment was proposed on […]
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