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The Irish paid the blood price to reach and stay in America, unlike the entitled migrants being paid to come to Ireland!

Are you sick of being told over and over again by regressives "sure, didn't the Irish go to America?" Then pay attention

Obsessive Negativity and Pathological Replacism Destroying European Identities and only European Identities

The spectre of replacism is destroying Europe. Obsessive negativity about self pervades European identity and only European identity England Belongs To Us: Patriotic Alternative Conference Speech Massive thanks to Millennial Woes for getting me involved in this wonderful event, and to Mark Collett for organising it! It was an absolute pleasure 🙂

UK Owns Ireland’s Rosslare Europort, Which Bypasses UK and Connects Direct To Mainland Europe, Yet Anti BRexit Irish Government Spurns UK and Fails To Prepare Rosslare For No Deal BRexit

Ger O'Donoghue, candidate councilor for Renua in Enniscorthy Wexford, revealed during his launch speech at the Riverside Hotel, the extent to which the Irish government has neglected Rosslare Europort Harbour, which is Ireland's best direct connection to mainland Europe, bypassing the UK "land bridge" to Europe. This land bridge presents a major problem to the UK and Irish governments with the upcoming BRexit, especially in the event of a no deal BRexit. The imposition of customs at the port of Dover will create miles of backlog for trucks from Ireland heading to Europe. The Irish government under the pro EU leadership of Fine Gail's Leo Varadkar, have been constantly accused of being an EU planted caretaker in the EU plantation, are fully supported by Fianna Fail in a coalition, have taken a firm anti BRexit stance and fully supported all the EU positions, even if it means risking the implementation of a border between NI and the Republic of Ireland (Free State). V

Not All Are Born Equal – 21 Year Old Irish Student Questions Establishment Thinking On Race and IQ, Like Students Should Do, Gets Unequal Treatment From Egalitarian Elites

Ireland's reputation as being a world renowned place for free thinking writers, authors and journalist's seems numbered. In today's world of Marxist Universities and dumbed down consumerism, not many 21 year millennials are able to write, research and compose a decent article. It is also rare to find a student that is not blindly and fanatically following the Establishment left wing soundbytes, even though students are meant to question established thought patterns, in order to discover, create and invent new things and ideas. An Irish student has penned an article calling for diversity amongst nations to be upheld, as he states, the concept of egalitarianism has not worked in this sphere and has been shown to be a false paradigm. Egalitarianism and diversity seem to be at odds, meaning open discussion is required... something the left hates. Michael O'Dwyer Conolly, who took over editorship of the Burkean Journal in Ireland in mid summer, after the founders, Declan Ganley and

7 Proverbs in Irish Explained

In this Irish language video I will pronounce, translate and explain 7 proverbs in Irish, these words or wisdom can help you gain a greater understanding of Irish and assist you in conversation. For more great videos like this please subscribe to my channel.

Irish Language Dialects Explained – Learn Irish.

In this video I will explain the three Irish language dialects and what makes them unique along with some pronunciation examples to help you distinguish each regional dialect. There are three main dialects - Munster, Connacht and Ulster which cove the South, West and North. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos on the Irish language.

Different Parts of the Body in Irish

In this video I will explain the Irish for different parts of the human body and give you some simple but useful phrases that you could use. If you would like to learn more Irish words and phrases then please subscribe to my channel.

Speaking Irish In Malta

I was in Malta during September 2018 and I used it as an opportunity to make a video in the Irish language, learn some new words and phrases to do with holidays, tourists and the weather by watching this video. If you would like to learn more Irish why not subscribe and check out my other video's on my channel "Learn Irish".

Irish Words That Begin With The Letter G

Learn Irish words and phrases beginning with the letter G. In this video I will explain 5 different words and give you some phrases that you can use in conversation, slow and clear pronunciation along with subtitles to help you learn better.

How To Learn Irish – Verb Smaoinigh – To Think

In this Irish language video I will explain a little bit about the verb Smaoinigh and I'll show you some phrases you could use in conversation. If you are wondering how to learn Irish then please subscribe to my channel for regular video tutorials on this beautiful language.

France Colonises Africa’s Football Talent to Win World Cup – NO African Nation Made it to the last Stages!

Ever wonder why no African Nations manage to get to the final stages of World Cup competitions? Could it be that Europe is once again indulging in colonisation and stealing Africa's best talent?   Is it any wonder African nations struggle to get their countries on a firm stable footing or to achieve on the world stage, when their citizenry are constantly being raided by high minded Europeans who groom talented citizens of African nations, with promises of wealth, fame and fortune to come to Europe for free handouts. Is it any wonder African are happy to sell their grandmother and risk their lives on a Kalergi boat across the Med with human traffickers?

#EurAfrica YOUR Government Has Already Agreed to Turn Europe into Africa. Hungary Has Devised Ingenious Opt Out! Video

HUNGARY SAYS NO! Refuses to sign Marrakesh Declaration that will massively increase legal immigration to the EU from the Middle East and African nations. Hungary on Wednesday refused to endorse a statement on migration adopted at a Euro-African ministerial conference in Marrakesh, the foreign minister said, calling the document “an extremely pro-migration statement that goes against Hungary’s interests”.

Ireland’s Government Thinks Irish DNA is SUBHUMAN and Plans to Spend Billions Replacing The Irish!

In a classic example of cold meticulously planned genocide, this deal with the devil is a horror story that is being played out time and again in the rural heartland of all European Nations. The Irish example, with its upcoming referendum on Abortion, clearly illustrates and exemplifies the rape and destruction of Europeans, in exchange for Coin, disguised as the "moral high road". This well practiced act of crime against humanity, that is being inflicted upon the very defenseless, well meaning citizens of European nations is nothing other than Selling out Kith, Kin and Country for Coin or False Virtue.

Open Letter To Lord Peter Hain: Belated ‘Appreciation’ From An Afrikaner

JOHANNESBURG — Lord Peter Hain has found himself playing another key role in South African history. Born to anti-apartheid activist parents, who were forced into exile in 1966 after being jailed and banned, Hain went on to lead campaigns to stop South African sports tours during Apartheid. A former British MP and Cabinet Minister, he is now in the House of […]
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