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Windows Display for Penneys Christmas Collection in Dublin Pushes Globalist Miscegenation Agenda!

Ask any advertising agency – mixed & non white races spend more money on disposable goods & brand names. This is the root of the #Kalergi plan, for greedy elites to make more profit. Whites are not profitable – they save, demand quality & don’t breed new consumers fast enough! Miscegenation is the coerced mixing […]

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (part 1)

Let the Christmas creepiness continue.

Danish school cancels traditional Christmas service ‘because of Muslim students’

Ten parents have complained about a primary school in Eastern Denmark that cancelled its traditional Christmas service. The “Gribskolen” school made its decision because of the presence of students with immigrant backgrounds. The head of the school in Graested, Marianne Vederso says about it: “We made the decision because we have children who are not […]
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