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Ireland Last? Even Spain Wakes Up With A Populist Party: VOX Pledges to Put Spanish First and Make Spain Great Again!

Must Ireland be destroyed first before the irish wake up? It seems that the Irish and Europeans in general are so brainwashed and ensconced in their materialistic comfort zones, that the only way a patriotic populist party arises, is after the mass importation of illegal aliens by their EU proxy government. After Spain took in more than any other European nation this year, at least 13,000 Spaniards have come to their senses and joined a rally of the fledgling VOX party in Madrid last month and polls indicate that up to half a million would vote for them today!
VOX a patriotic political party that vows to “defend Spain” from immigration, independence movements and political correctness. Suddenly being called "far right" by the left wing mainstream media seems not so bad anymore... in fact it appears to be the only hope for the future of our nation states.

Catalan Independence Hot Potato Lands Right on EU Supremacist Merkel’s Lap in Germany!

In an interview from prison in Germany, exiled Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has said: "I’m not a criminal".  The Catalan president in exile, Carles Puigdemont said he is “not a criminal” in the first interview since his arrest. The exiled leader reaffirmed the region’s campaign for independence, saying it’s based on democracy and non-violence.

Fascist UK, Fascist Germany, Fascist Spain and Fascist EU Arrests Democratically Elected Catalan Political Leaders!

Carles Puigdemont, the democratically elected Catalan leader who fled Spain has been detained in Germany, whilst Clara Ponsatí, who fled to Scotland, is to hand herself over to police, according to their lawyers. An arrest warrant had been issued for Puigdemont in Finland after the former president visited the country for talks with lawmakers. He was returning to Belgium, where he lives in self-imposed exile, when he was detained by German authorities after crossing the border from Denmark.

Catalans flood Brussels to demand EU impartiality

Police in the Belgian capital estimates that around 45 000 people attended the rally where ousted Regional President Carles Puigedemont addressed a huge crowd on the European commission’s failure to act against the Spanish government. Independence supporters flooded Brussels on Thursday morning chanting in train carriages and on station platforms, as well as in the […]

Spain Threatens to Seize Control of Catalan Finances in Light of Upcoming Referendum

The Spanish government has given the regional government in Catalonia 48 hours to abandon “illegal” referendum plans or lose budgetary powers. Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro said a mechanism had been approved for the state to take control of the autonomous region’s finances. Madrid is seeking to stop the Catalan government spending public money on its […]
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