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Locals in Oughterard: “Direct Plantation system is a money making scam for those with political connections”

Locals in Oughterard points out that the DPC system is a money making scam for those with political connections. There is no consideration for local communities and decisions are made without regard or consultation. #gript Donate today to Gript! See more at Follow our socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Our Podcasts: #gript

TRSI 17 – “It is fair for a company to pay a CEO 2000 times more than their average employee”

Source: Gary discusses CEO's pay and why it is fair for companies to pay a CEO anything they want. He goes through what a CEO is, what they generally actually earn, why they earn that amount and how they earn it.

Ben Gilroy’s Story on The Morning Show

This is Ben Gilroy’s story – This video was recorded on about 15/10/2011 –

Constitution and Ben Gilroy Halts the Sheriff

On the 20 February 2012 the deputy Sheriff arrived at another Irish family’s home to repossess it and give the keys to the bank in Co Laois. Thus putting another Irish family onto the streets. – The Morning Show – 24th (today’s show – Ben Gilroy is on) See follow up video!! – […]

Ben Gilroy Interviewed by Newstalk

Ben Gilroy of People For Economic Justice is interviewed by News Talk a national radio station with regards to

Ben Gilroy Halts The Receivers Again

Ben Gilroy of People for Economic Justice stays that “You cannot have a receiver forced upon you that does not provide and act on a duty of care to you!“ This video is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Please do not edited the content but feel free to Redistribute. Download, Show at public […]

Irish Farmers are Strangled by EU Regulations | Frank Shinnock at Irexit Cork

Irish farmer Frank Shinnock discusses the crippling regulations brought down on Irish agriculture from the EU at Irexit Conference in the Maldron Cork 16/02/19 Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:
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