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Novus Ordo Watch – TRADCAST EXPRESS 095

Not the sort of information you will hear about in the Alive, Curate’s diary, “Catholic Voice” Lifesite news, or EWTN. Some of what is covered from the latest Posts: Francis publishes Book on “Our Mother Earth” October 18, 2019 Vatican Spokesman: Naked Amazonian Woman Figure is NOT Virgin Mary October 16, 2019 Monkey Business at […]

“Fine Gael is no longer able to ignore free-speech protest outside Google HQ in Dublin” – FM104

FM104 is reporting during their hourly news breaks that Fine Gael is claiming they are no longer able to ignore the free-speech protest that has been taking place daily outside Google’s HQ on Barrow St in Dublin for the past five weeks. The report describes the protest as “actions by right-wing groups” being lead by […]

The Southern Oceans Are Getting Greener and Cooler, Proving “Global Warming” Alarmists WRONG, Again

The Southern Ocean is getting greener an cooler because the amount of marine plants (phytoplankton) has been increasing in the last 21 years. These changes appear to be happening faster during the winter, which suggests that the growing season is getting longer. This is important because the Southern Ocean has a big role in the […]

Donald Trump, The Biggest Employer in Doonbeg, is Coming to Ireland AND He is Going to Heaven Says Doonbeg Priest

America President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit his five star hotel and golf course in Doonbeg, Ireland next week. Despite haters, the local parish priest believes Trump will not only be welcome in Doonbeg, Ireland, but in heaven too.
“Leave us alone” was Doonbeg priest Joe Haugh's message to any protesters thinking of making an appearance at Trump's arrival at his golf course in county Clare next Wednesday.

How Obedient Mainstream Media and Police Are Coerced Into Providing Propaganda Platform For Islam

The Irish Times appears complicit in an article they wrote in 2016, possibly at the request of muslim leaders, in that it fails to do any real investigative work and simply allows itself to be used as a propaganda platform to put Islam in a good light and not entertain any critical or even slight discretionary glance. But this is what we have gotten used to the hogtied press who even accept bribes from the government to publish "good news" stories about the governments plan to invade Ireland with Africans and Asians in their "Ireland 2040" plan! In the article, no non Muslim or member of the accused "right wing" were interviewed and certainly no "unbiased" academic or opposing viewpoint was interviewed. [embed][/embed] We decided to see what we could do despite not have any financial backing or support, unlike the well funded Irish Times... We spoke to a Christian Iranian who fled Iran after the Islamic revolution. He knows Arabic and I

50,000 Outpatient and Medical Appointments to be Cancelled Today as Nurses Strike Goes Ahead

“Paltry and tokenistic” is how Labour’s health spokesperson Alan Kelly has described proposals by Minister for Health Simon Harris and Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe for new talks on resolving the nurses dispute which should focus on issues relating to staffing levels and working conditions but not pay. He told Newstalk Breakfast that the offer was in fact “kind of insulting” and that be believed there would be a compromise eventually and that both sides should “sit at the table and talk.” Mr Kelly said he believed there will be compromise eventually and he asked why the Government could not come up with a solution now without putting the public through a long strike and hardship. He denied that if Labour were in Government the situation would be the same, “fiscally we didn’t have the same space, there is more elasticity now. If we were in Government we wouldn’t have gotten to this place.” The Tipperary TD said he had

After EU Land Grab Attempt of Northern Ireland, “Troubles” Used As Fear Porn in Anti BRexit Propaganda

Rumors spread like wildfire as Derry, Northern Ireland, was hit by three security alerts on Monday. With panic setting in on social media the police are seeking to reassure people that a zombie apocalypse isn’t nigh. The alerts were sparked after two vans were hijacked by masked men and a third was reported abandoned outside a girls’ secondary school. Numerous people had to evacuate their homes as the cops established security cordons around the vehicles. A third security alert is underway in Derry tonight. An abandoned ASDA van has been left outside St Mary’s Secondary School blocking the road. Police cordon in place. Bomb disposal experts also carried out a controlled explosion in one of the vans after the suspects were seen throwing an object in the back of the vehicle before abandoning it. Meanwhile, one man remains in custody in relation to a car bomb that exploded in the city on Saturday evening. Nobody was injured in the incident. The city was the sce

Yet another stumble for Jean-Claude “Druncker” as he misses a step and takes a tumble before dinner at top level EU-Africa summit in Vienna

Jean-Claude Juncker was once again seen struggling to navigate a small set of stairs at a key international summit today. The European Commission President, who last week told the UK Prime Minister the EU would offer no further concessions on her Brexit deal, was photographed seemingly losing his balance and having to be held and helped by a pair of aides. It is the latest of several high-profile events, including a NATO summit, at which the politician has looked unsteady on his feet. Today the 64-year-old was attending the High-Level Forum Africa-Europe summit, at the Spanish horse riding school in the Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria. The summit of European and African leaders focused on the crucial matters of economic development and migration, which have come to be among the EU's defining challenges in the wake of mass migration from North Africa and the Middle East triggered by the Syrian civil war. Later at the event Mr Juncker, whose previous job was as Pr

Learn Irish Words – Talking About Clothes in the Irish Language

In this video I will show you how to pronounce different items of clothing in the Irish language, you'll learn lots of useful words and phrases with slow and clear pronunciation and subtitles to help you. Learn Irish words and lots more by subscribing to my channel.

Globalist Irish Government To Import a Million Migrant Consumers to Rural Ireland, Yet Close Hundreds Of Rural Police Stations and Post Offices!

An Post, which is supposed to be and holds the mandate as the National Post Office for Ireland, seems to think it is a Private or Listed Corporation where ONLY profit matters and any action is justified which makes more profit. Certainly it is not following the plans of its bosses, the Irish Government, who wants to grow rural Ireland by flooding it with 3rd world migrants. Shortly after announcing the closure of many more rural Post Offices after 161 postmasters were allegedly offered voluntary redundancy, An Post has the gall to announce that around €10 Million will be invested in completely overhauling An Post's digital presence, all of which can be deleted at the push of a button or zapped in a potential extreme solar flare or a power failure rendering it useless.  They also acquired the domain name anpost. com from a US company for €10,000, despite already having and using anpost .ie. Globalist much?

Learn Irish Words – 7 Beautiful Words in the Irish Language

In this video I will show you 7 beautiful words in Irish to do with animals, plants and nature and I'll explain how the Irish version of these words came to be formed. Learn Irish Words and lots more by subscribing to my channel and hitting that bell so you can be notified whenever I upload a new video.

Speaking Irish in Dublin City

In this video I will in Dublin city, sharing with you some new words and phrases in Irish, I will be speaking Irish in the city and outside some of the great tourist attractions that I visited in Dublin such as Croke Park and Epic - the Emigration museum.

Learn Irish – Verb Tiomáin To Drive

In this learning Irish video I will explain about the verb to drive which is Tiomáin, I will give you some phrases that you could use in conversation as well as new words that can help build your confidence with this wonderful language. I will also mention my other YouTube channel as well in this video. If you wish to check out my other YouTube channel on learning to drive you can do so here
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