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Ireland No Longer Meets The 5 Criteria of Sovereign Statehood! The Dail Has Betrayed & Sold Us Out!

There are five internationally established and agreed criteria used to determine if a nation can call itself an independent sovereign state. Ireland no longer satisfies these criteria as it not only is subject to EU law and courts, but it has open borders, so no longer has territorial integrity and no longer controls is sea or airspace.

Non Local PBP Traitors Flood Local Achill Island Direct Plantation Meeting To Coerce & Castigate Locals Into Welcoming “Refugees”

A bourgeois West Brit PBP scum comes to lecture the Irish working class as to why human trafficing is a good idea

Pro-abortion protests fail to shut down Unplanned movie in Ireland. A Victory for Free Speech!

Shutting down movies? Isn't that anti-choice? The hit movie, "Unplanned", is making waves in Ireland after protestors failed to have the film cancelled in cinemas around the country. Donate today to Gript! See more at Follow our socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Our Podcasts: #gript

Antifa ARE the Fascists who “have no morals, no principles and no empathy” – Time to ban Antifa? What about Greta?

Antifa means: “anyone who disagrees with us is a nazi”, which is in fact a classic fascist position. Commentator Daisy Cousins says far left-wing activists Antifa has shown its “lack of empathy” after video shows some of its members aggressively harassed an elderly couple who were attending an event in Ontario in Canada. This was […]

Nazi Lidl now working in cahoots with the regime to topple Gemma O’Doherty and the Irish Nation

In a new sinister turn Pravda RTE and the Leo Regime are openly working in cahoots with zee Germans to put the jack boot firmly on the neck of the humble Irish.

Pro Open Borders Militant Far Left Wing Extremist Fiona Doesn’t Want Anyone on”HER LAND”! Yet she is a Council Tenant…

Loudmouth and arrogant as usual, Fiona even tried to strike the officer of the court after being served with papers in a case Ben Gilroy is bringing against her for defamation after she called him a cult member and racist etc. Now she will have to put her money where her very o[opinionated and treasonous […]

Sh*tstorm Coming Youtube’s Way! Why Ireland Should Join The Protest Against Youtube / Google Censorship

#SpeakersUnicorner Youtube has been given a deadline of 23 August to respond to demands that it comes to the table and treats its youtubers as partners and NOT as “False self employed” – a phrase which should send shivers down Youtube management’s spines… also, to treat Youtuber’s data according to GPDR regulations, something which could […]

Did antifa’s Mark Malone and Eamonn Crudden Setup The Phoney Na-zi Salute Outside Google HQ For MSM?

Video analysing and exposing the phony na-zi salute possibly setup by traitors from antifa, Mark Malone and Eamonn Crudden to falsely demonise patriots protesting against censorship outside Google’s European HQ in Dublin, Barrow Street… This actor’s face has been plastered all over the internet for two days now yet he has not been recognized? This […]

Who invited or planted the Nazi?

On Saturday August 10th 2019 a Nationalist/free speech protest outside Google’s European HQ Dublin was met by an Antifa counter protest. A deliberate Hitler salute was given ostensibly on the Nationalist side, but was it actually a Nazi, or an agent provocateur plant put there to discredit the growing anti-censorship Nationalist movement in Ireland? I […]

People Before Profit Marginalise Themselves Even Further By Claiming “There Are Wildfires in The Arctic”! The Commie Circus Comes To Dublin…

After a dismal showing in local elections, the banshees came out from behind their Iron Curtains onto the streets of Dublin, to display their anti everything agenda, which is more about headlines than details or facts. Only a few hundred activists from disparate left wing causes gathered in front of the Spire as part of the headline grabbing "Extinction Rebellion" protests against nature yesterday.

Far Left in Ireland in Panic Mode as Christian Conservative Filmmaker Lauren Southern Secretly Visits and Gathers Evidence…

It seems the Irish Occupation regime's decision to open FOUR Direct Provision centres in quick succession has drawn sharp objection, not only from indignant locals, but has also prompted a secret visit from conservative documentary maker Lauren Southern, whose documentary "Farmlands" about Farm Murders in South Africa (see video at bottom) has received wide acclaim with over 2 Million views on youtube.  Lauren is working on a new documentary entitled "No Borders". The far left organisations behind the invasion of Ireland, like the Irish Immigration Council, the Irish Refugee Council, Refugee Integration Agency, Dept of Justice, etc. etc, resorted to sending out an emergency alert to all direct Provision centres to warn their profit units (migrants) about the bad boogeyman (rayyyssists!) who would offer them bribes to do an interview. Whilst this claim is totally false, Lauren has confirmed to Irish news that she does not pay anyone: Lauren stated: "Wow. I’m n

Gotcha! Southern Exposes Left Wing NGOs Who Train Migrants To Lie in Asylum Claims – UN Pretends Ignorance and “Alarm”!

Undercover reporting from Lauren Southern, for her upcoming documentary Borderless, shows Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) training Muslim migrants how to lie about trauma they have allegedly experienced, and about being Christians in order to gain asylum status in Europe amongst other things. It is well known George Soros funded the printing of maps and guides with phone numbers for these left wing NGOs so the migrants could call them the moment they land (that is why they all have a phone when they arrive and guard it with their life)! Lauren Southern is the young Christian Canadian who was banned from Fascist UK for simply critising Islam... Ariel Ricker, the director of Advocates Abroad, which is a left wing group staffed by legal experts who help those seeking asylum, is heard admitting that “it’s all acting,” and is akin to “theatre.” In one part of the undercover video recorded in Greece, Ricker is heard giving an example of a

#IslamicUK arrests 22 year old Canadian for Terrorism but “does not suspect her of Terrorism”!

Tommy sat down with a visibly shocked Lauren Southern in Calais, a 22 year old conservative journalist and free speech advocate who was detained by UK for 6 hours trying to enter the UK. Her crime? Conducting a social experiment in Luton where she used words to criticise Allah. In a recorded conversation with her father back in Canada, the police admit they do not actually suspect her of being a terrorist!

Fascist Antifa implicated in deadly Amtrak train derailment

Monday’s Amtrak train derailment in the United States, appears to have been caused by an object on the railway, a government official briefed on the crash told The New York Post. Some of the 14 train cars careened onto vehicles on a highway below. Law enforcement confirmed at least six deaths and 78 injured passengers. […]