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Australia Complicit in Genocide! Denies Asylum to Victim of Racist Rapist Who Said He Liked To See Whites Suffering

Australia has become complicit in genocide as they deny Asylum to a victim of a Racist Rapist who “enjoyed seeing white people suffer” A South African women, mother, wife and farmer, 45, who was shot and repeatedly raped at gunpoint by a racist violent thug, who “likes to see white people suffer” in front of […]

Should Australia and Western Nations Hold Referendum To Give Refuge To South African Whites?

Subsequent to the outcry after asylum was denied by Australia to a women and her family who was raped by a racist rapist, in front of her children, SKY in Australia has interviewed the victim, Nicky. It appears the Australian Government and the Australian people have a different view on offering refuge to persecuted South […]

Elderly Woman (66) Savagely Beaten In Robbery – Gamtoos

An elderly Gamtoos woman was savagely beaten and admitted to hospital yesterday after a house robbery near the river mouth. Wilma van Rooyen, 66, was beaten with a pipe by four men who entered her log cabin in Mauritzkraal near the river slipway – close to the Gamtoos Mouth Resort – at about 9 am. […]

SOUTH AFRICA: The Naked Hypocritical Curse Of The ‘Majority Rule’

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT – NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS! SOUTH AFRICA is ostensibly a country whose controllers exercise the worst kind of naked racism and discrimination in order to stay in power. South Africa is also furthermore a country with the most vindictive, cruel and racist black population on earth, who refuse to obey any […]

Falling BRICS endanger their citizens’ health, starting with Jacob Zuma.

As he launches the African Regional Centre of the New Development Bank (NDB) in Sandton on Thursday, nearly 18 months behind schedule, Jacob Zuma must have mixed feelings. Strife-riven Brazil, Russia, India and China are more risky allies than Zuma reckoned when in 2010 he accepted Beijing’s invitation to join the club. “I was poisoned […]

A visitor to our Country, and already in trouble, may the Law take it’s course or not!

Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe and a possible successor to his throne presidency, has been accused of assaulting a woman in an apartment in Johannesburg. She is due to be formally charged in connection with the incident on Tuesday in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court. Zimbabweans, all too familiar with their first lady’s erratic […]

No confidence vote: A victory for Zuma, but a defeat for the ANC

Jacob Zuma is a natural born political survivor. Yesterday the president overcame an eighth no confidence vote, despite the mountain of evidence of corrupt conduct that has emerged in recent months. But it may prove to be a Pyrrhic victory – for him and most certainly for his party, the African National Congress (ANC). “Hollow” […]

Time to wake up South Africa!! – Slow War against whites in South Africa

A Slow War is the opposite of the Blitzkrieg. A war so slow that you hardly notice it. A war so slow that those waging it can deny that it is actually happening. Under the fog of war they hide it as “ordinary crime”. The end result is still the same as the Blitzkrieg. Total […]

Eventually they woke up in the Netherlands – Now how about the rest of the world ?

Links Nederland zwijgt als het graf, sinds afschaffing Apartheid Massamoord in Zuid Afrika van bijna half miljoen mensen Bijna een half miljoen mensen zijn door moord omgekomen in Zuid Afrika sinds de afschaffing van de Apartheid in 1994. Na de vrijlating van Mandela werd er op de wereld door alle linkse mensen feest gevierd, omdat […]

Imminent, Unstoppable South African Genocide – Why Dismantling Apartheid caused the Genocide of Black and White South Africans

The discussion with Simon Roche of SA Prepper group Suidlanders, looks at how and why the dismantling of Apartheid has caused the destruction of Black South Africa and the genocide of White South Africans. Whilst the Destruction of South Africa will have consequences regionally and worldwide, the question is whether it is deliberate and whether […]

Lindiwe Sisulu’s court bid will help reverse effects of apartheid.

The Western Cape ANC welcomed Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s decision to take the Western Cape government to court over the sale of the Tafelberg property, saying it will help reverse the legacy of apartheid. In March, the provincial cabinet announced it approved the sale of the property to the Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School […]

Zuma’s plan to boost the economy is just BEE on steriods

Long live poverty! Where would the rich be without the poor? More particularly, where would Zuma be? Failure to recognise these questions leads to a too easy dismissal of the ANC’s currently loudest and most persistent war-cry: radical economic transformation. Eusebius McKaiser is hardly alone in rubbishing the term as meaningless. Supposedly without meaning, he […]
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