Were the Amazon fires used by globalists & Greens to score political points? Africa’s fires were worse…

Were the Amazon fires used to score political points? Brazilian journalist Bruno Pontes joins us to discuss Jair Bolsonaro. #gript

Brown Nationalists invade GPO – part 2

The sound was buggered with the last one so redid it. with new and improved features.

IRISH Children and Families Homeless Crisis.

Irish wolf

TRSI 17 – “It is fair for a company to pay a CEO 2000 times more than their average employee”

Source: https://www.podbean.com/eau/pb-ajydz-c17772 Gary discusses CEO's pay and why it is fair for companies to pay a CEO anything they want. He goes through what a CEO is, what they generally actually earn, why they earn that amount and how they earn it.

Does anyone know what’s in the HPV Vaccine

Irish wolf

Not enough migrants Arriving to keep Pay Down

Irish wolf.

Irish Patriot Live Call In Show- Voice of The Irish People

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How is This a Thing? 29th of September 2019

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TRSI 16 – We could elect a British communist like Corbyn and pay less income tax than under Leo

Source: https://www.podbean.com/eau/pb-iekpz-c150ab Gary and Michael discuss Fine Gael's plan to make it more expensive to buy or build a house; call to ban vaping despite the fact it saves lives; Revenue's new war on companies; and how Jeremy Corbyn wants an income tax rate lower than the one Fine Gael currently forces us to pay.   Building Regulations - StartVaping Ban - 16:10Tax certainty - 25:25Jeremy Corbyn - 37:30
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