Irish Verb Cruthaigh – To Create

The Irish verb Cruthaigh is a very convenient verb and it can be used in many ways to showcase your richness in this beautiful language as well as an alternative for the Irish verb Déan, which is to make or do. In this video I will explain the tenses and give you some sample sentences that you can use to help your understanding of the Irish verb Cruthaigh. Slow and clear pronunciation along with subtitles to help. You can support me on PayPal here -

Corpus Christi Granada 2019

Video clips from the 2019 Corpus Christi procession in the Archdiocese of Granada taken from the diocesan youtube video Music - Sequence - Victimae Paschali Laudes by The Tudor Consort is licensed under a Attribution 3.0 International License.

12 Handy Irish Phrases To Use Throughout The Day

Learn some useful Irish phrases that are short, easy and quite flexible and can be used at dint times of the day. These phrases will help you to increase your confidence in spoken Irish. As always slow and clear pronunciation along with subtitles to help.

Ireland – Moving Forward with Mr Justin Barrett & The Don

We will be joined by the Leader of Ireland's only organised resistance to mass migration, globalization, the loss of our Nation, and the degeneracy that comes with it. That Party is The National Party and its Leader is Mr Justin Barrett

Irish Language Pronunciation Guide – Days of the Week

Learn the days of the week and how to pronounce them in Irish, I will go through the different ways to say the days of the week and as I'm doing so I will be explaining some pronunciation guidelines along the way. Don't forget to subscribe for more great videos like this.

Rally for Life 2019

A huge crowd turned out in Dublin on July 6th 2019 to show their contined support for mothers and babies. The future is Pro-Life!

Dublin Council votes to use security firms to evict travellers who have been settled for decades

John Connors says that travellers are panicked as Dublin City Council is hiring security teams to evict families from sites where they have been settled in for decades. The actor and activist says this will make hundreds of families homeless and deprive Travellers of family structures vital to their well-being and mental health. #Gript

Describing Arizona In The Irish Language

In this video I will talk about the Irish words and phrases that best describe the great state of Arizona, we will learn about the very hot weather, the Hoover Dam and some animals native to the state of Arizona. Slow and clear pronunciation along with subtitles to help.
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