Migrant Undresses At Primary School Crossing Near DP Centre in Waterford – What If He Was Armed? 

There was an incident that happened outside a primary school, which is situated near a Direct Provision Centre in Waterford City, earlier where a migrant had taken off his top and was screaming and shouting and gesticulating wildly as young children were crossing. At one point the illegal alien tried to remove his pants and threatened children according to witnesses. Surprisingly nobody put a stop to it. Gardai did not arrive for over half an hour! [embed]https://youtu.be/Q91PN93sVkM[/embed] What if he was armed or was a Jihadi? These migrants are not vetted and no one knows who they are, where they come from or what their history or mental health or even religion is! Waterford has received lots of fakugees in recent times, only last week 37 Eritreans were sent to a hotel in Waterford without even being processed in Dublin, without a translator and no one was informed. How long will Waterford suffer in silence? The government is literally putting live

Destruction at St. Michan’s church of 800-year-old mummy

At the weekend, the vaults in St Michan's church in Dublin were broken into and an 800-year-old mummy destroyed.

#GetAngry Irish Regime Giving Migrants Privileged Status While Oppressing Real Irish!

The Irish State is becoming more Anti Semitic and Anti Irish, yet falls over itself to ingratiate itself with migrants and non irish and give them privileged status with free everything! Once the "new Irish" have used up all of the resources in Ireland and turned it into a replica of their home countries, they can go back home, the indigenous irish have nowhere to run to and have every right to be put first in their own indigenous homeland. The Irish Primary Principals' Network has said 27% of primary schools have children in their school that are homeless. [embed]https://youtu.be/N2jxyDO8E6s[/embed] According to a recent survey carried out by the IPPN, homelessness can often impact on children’s school attendance and result in reduced participation in school life and learning. IPPN CEO, Pairic Clerkin, said schools can often be a safe haven for children experiencing homelessness. Mr Clerkin said: "The homeless issue is one in that we have 27% of our schools wi

Irish Can’t See The Emperor Has No Clothes! Public Groomed & Bullied to Give Ireland Away by Elites!

Despite all the trouble in almost every single government department in Ireland, the ruling elites are still fooling the public into supporting them: In the first Red C/Sunday Business Post poll of the year, it shows Fianna Fáil down five points to 22% support since November. Fine Gael has also dropped two - but is still on 32% support - a full 10 points ahead of their nearest rivals. [embed]https://youtu.be/nAaGfQjrmzc[/embed] It will be a relief for the disastrous government after a tough few weeks with questions about their preparedness for Brexit, the Children's Hospital overspend and an upcoming nurses strike. They are worrying figures though for Micheál Martin, who controversially supports Fine Gael for another two years. Did Collins etc, die because they were not xenophobic and loved The British? Ireland does not have a government and the elites want to turn the middle class into the lower class. The irish are being manipulated into a frenzy to allow t

Youtube Bans Stefan Molyneux’s Video “The Terrible Truth About Ireland 2040” in Ireland! Watch Here!

Youtube has banned this crucial video about the upcoming genocide in Ireland from irish viewers! Why? Did Leo Varadkar pay to have it banned? After all he did pay to have the media spin good news stories about Ireland 2040! This video is the brilliant work of youtuber Stefan Molyneux. Sadly the original video has been banned in Ireland on Stefan's account. Every person with an Irish Youtube account should share this video.

Are Garda Leaking Private Citizens Information To The Press? Eamonn Murphy Catches Them Out!

How did an English journalist from the London Times find out that Eamonn Murphy had made a complaint about unlawful killings (abortion) to the guards and who subsequently contacted him via email? [embed]https://youtu.be/VO2MeIOqtw0[/embed] The routing leaking of information about private citizens by gardai to media vultures, very often for profit, is a scandal the media does not want to explore for the obvious reasons of self incrimination.

UK Gov Will Use UN Migration Pact To Class Welfare Payments To Migrants As Foreign Aid!

The treasonous UK Government has finally responded to the Petition calling for them not to sign the UN Global Migration Pact and hidden in it is a bombshell admission! Now we know why our governments have been steadily INCREASING Foreign Aid budgets! Don Murray critiques the response: [embed]https://youtu.be/CEenfg5_qqQ[/embed]   UK Government responded on 7 December 2018 with the following: The Global Compact for Migration will support global co-operation on migration without affecting the sovereignty of all countries to control their own borders. Read the response in full Uncontrolled migration erodes public confidence, damages economies, and places those on the move in situations of intense vulnerability. The UK is taking significant steps to tackle uncontrolled migration by: - Addressing the root causes of migration, through our targeted assistance for livelihoods, healthcare, education and economic development - Tackling modern slavery and organised i

Christian Iranian Exiled in UK on BRexit, Islam, EU, UN Migration Pact and Globalism

Left Wing Traitors and Muslim Apologists Who Claim To "Know" Islam yet Ignore The Union Jack flying on top of Parliament, a magnificent building with rules, regulations order and history, albeit with idiots inside, cannot explain why do we need another parliament in Brussels? Europe has been united long before the European Union and the claim that EU has stopped world war is a lie - technology, communication and internet is the reason there have been no more wars... NATO might also have been the actual deterrent. However. globalist pro EU apologists make up their own history... [embed]https://youtu.be/47AF3E-Ipig[/embed] "Elvis" who grew up with the Muslims in Iran, knows how they think and knows that they lie and bullsh*t and take chances claiming everything and anything without justification or proof. There is only one version of Islam, not moderates or extremists, just ignorants and apologists because Islam says "we smile in the face of kaffars while in our hea

Ireland in Tatters! A Critical Look At Yellow Vest’s List of Demands With Founder Glen Miller

According to Glen Miller, founder of Yellow Vests Ireland, there are 70,000 - 80,000 Refugees Housed in Ireland and 100,000 Homeless people in Ireland! ONLY 8 percent of "refugees" are real refugees - the rest are allowed to stay indefinitely, even if they commit serious crimes... Allastriona takes a critical look at the Irish Yellow Vest movement's list of demands, especially their liberal stance on mass immigration from a fear of being called racist, with Yellow Vest Ireland founder Glen Miller. Ben Gilroy, who is now in jail for contempt of court from opposing evictions, had said that he would rather be a racist than a traitor... https://youtu.be/f8U2UKgCMKg Glen says Government has all the policy on immigration, but no policy on how to return irish citizens back to Ireland. There is also no policy on returning migrants, failed asylum seekers and criminals... In 2014 there was 16.5% poverty in Ireland and it has risen in 2016 to 25% and is certainl

Armed police arrest Jayda Fransen in #FascistUK at Gatwick Airport for allegedly breaching bail!

#FreeSpeech - Jayda Fransen has now been released from Bromley Magistrate's Court after she spent the night in a police cell and was kept in custody at Bromley Magistrate's Court. Jayda Fransen was arrested again yesterday as she landed at Gatwick Airport from Belfast. The officer tried to blame her that she has tried to take the Gun of the Armed Officer She will face a full trial in February for allegedly breaching her post sentence supervision. https://youtu.be/w8-rFX6dNyY The oppression of freedom of speech continues unabated in Fascist UK thanks to the far left wing terror groups like Hope Not Hate which have captured the Home Office and are their official advisers!

Will Theresa May’s 3,500 Troops on The Street Unite The Resistance and Escalate Into Civil War?

BRexiteers and Yellow Vest protesters Have Shown UK Gov and EU Elites That If BRexit Doesn't Happen, Amongst Others, There Will Be Civil War! Elvis reports on a protest which blocked the Westminster Bridge for 20 minutes! They were asked by a Police escort for a ministerial entourage to let them through, and they said no! So the convoy had to go another route! 3,500 troops are to be put on the streets in case of a no deal BRexit, which Elvis feels is a good idea even though he suspects this army is actually to quell Brexiteers, because he knows bloodshed is coming. According to his experience in Iran, once you get the army out on the people, for whatever reason, it is game over and puts the whole unrest onto a new radical level... https://youtu.be/5K0q818edYI Once an innocent is killed, revolution starts! He feels many patriots and their movements are not taking the issue seriously enough for a revolution to come. There needs to be more coordination. A Million pe
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