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UK Media Blackout on the Continuing Rape of British Children by Muslim Rape Gangs – Why So Quiet in Ireland?

There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear. The only thing that is growing is the bitter rape of young vulnerable British girls, as you read those words this festive season, thank god it’s them, instead of you. Rape Gangs right now, as you read this are still blighting Britain and destroying the lives of thousands of girls across the UK The 1985 charity-hit for the starving people of Africa ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ called for us to spare a thought of starving Africans, but this Christmas – it’s time to start our charity at home and shine a light on our own horrors here in the UK, and think of the victims of the vile Rape Gangs that steal the childhood of thousands of young girls – and quite possibly boys, the #1400 campaign is trying to do that – despite a ‘Media Blackout.’ Last week, Politicalite along with Unity News Network and Alt News Media attended an event at the House of Lords to report on the la

War in Syria is Over, Yet After Signing UN Pact, Ireland Becomes Dumping Ground for UN’s NWO Soldiers (migrants)

Twenty-two Syrian families including 58 children were resettled in Ireland on Thursday. The families have been living in the UNHCR refugee camp in Lebanon since fleeing the conflict in Syria. One hundred and five people have been resettled in Ireland, including 58 children. They join 97 people resettled in Ireland from Lebanon last week, bringing the total number of people resettled this month to 202, including 109 children. The families who arrived on Thursday will initially stay in the Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre in Ballaghaderreen while they await permanent housing in communities across the country. The Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan, and the Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton, said they were pleased to welcome the families to Ireland, under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP). Mr Flanagan said: “During this festive period, as we enjoy spending time with our own

GRAPHIC: If This Video Offends Or Bothers You, You Should Not Be Welcoming Illegal Unknown Migrants To Ireland! M&M’s Anyone?

This is the video the Establishment, Mainstream media and Social Media Networks do not want you to see. Some mainstream media outlets like BBC and CBS are going so far as to call the islamic beheading as mere stab wounds to the neck! Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are removing this video as soon as it is being posted by users. We have decided to post it on, as horrendous as it is, in an effort to make people realise the barbarity they are welcoming with open arms, and also in the interest of not censoring the brutality and inhumanity of these warriors and servants of Allah, but also to highlight the deceit that Mainstream media and the Establishment is practicing in the name of false virtue and oil cash.

Not So PC Sir? Snob Geldof Revealed as Shareholder in Bloodsport Greyhound Racetrack in UK!

Sir Snob Geldof fans (if there are any) take note: it has come to light that not only does he watch dog racing, he even owns a share in a greyhound racetrack. Wonder if he knows that over 1,000 dogs were killed or put down with injury in Greyhound racing last year in UK and Ireland? Disappointment has been widely expressed after a photograph emerged showing Bob Geldof at a greyhound track presenting an award. The photo appeared in the Racing Post's "Off the Leash" column along with a report which revealed that Geldof owns a share in a racing greyhound track The report stated: "Central Park [in Kent] was graced by a visit from Sir Bob Geldof last Sunday [16 December 2018]. Er, yes, really. He was there to see Tony Collett's Professor Gimlet in whom he has a share, in action. Geldof duly presented the trophy for the race...but it was to the Paul Philpott-trained Alarming Hades and not his own hound, who had to settle for third." The Irish Council Against Blo

“Losing Your Child Is The Worst Red Pill Ever!” UK Gov Hiding Islamic Attacks and Putting Impact on Attackers and Their Rights Above The Victim’s!

Tracy Blackwell's son Josh was mowed down with 4 of his friends by a Pakistani Muslim in a black Audi mounting the pavement and not braking or swerving, murdering 3 of the kids who were on their way to a 16th birthday party. Thanks to Tracy's strong will and courage and dedication to her son's memory, it has subsequently come to light that there is a deliberate program or regime by the establishment politicians, civil authority and mainstream media of burying and hiding anything that will impact negatively on Islam and Muslims! Even court officials who lie under oath to hide the truth! Exposing a sinister state-backed underhand cover-up and influence network is foreboding enough, yet the real conspiracy is the blind eye turned by the Western establishment, institutions and mainstream media, who all appear fine with subterfuge. Since 2010 many cars, vans and buses have been mounting pavements! When mainstream media like LBC and BBC reports a protest in Sunderland wit

Facebook Protects Islamic Extremists – Suspends ex Muslim for Criticising Jihadists!

Zeal for eradicating “hate speech” can go too far on Socail Media as Facebook sides with Jihadist. Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, a leader in the Islamic reform movement, posted a humorous Christmas video on December 11 mocking jihad. He was then promptly notified by Facebook that his video was removed and his account was suspended for 30 days, because he “repeatedly posted things that aren’t allowed on Facebook.” The original post, a video called “Jihad Bells,” was something Tawhidi posted every year. He captioned the video with, “I share this song every December because Jihadists and Islamic Extremists don’t like it.” Facebook called the post a violation of “our standards on hate speech.”

Boycott the Boycotters: Here’s The Complete List of Companies Boycotting Tucker Carlson’s Show on Fox News

Fiery conservative commentator Tucker Carlson has never had a problem speaking his mind. For better or for worse, the Fox News host’s public opinions are unfiltered and raw, which contributes to his sizable following. Given Carlson’s unabashed approach to sociopolitical discourse, he has made his fair share of leftist rivals. Sometimes, as is the case with CNN, those leftists have no discernible comeback other than to mock him. Other leftists, however, have taken to aiming for Carlson’s wallet when he says something that might hurt their feeling. Carlson is facing the wrath of leftists over a comment he made on his show while decrying rampant and unchecked immigration into America. Tucker Carslon responded on Monday night that he is “not intimidated” by the backlash and stands by what he said last week.. “That’s what we said. It’s true,” Carlson said. “Those who won’t shut up get silenced. … The enforcers scream ‘Racist!’ on Twitter unti

Homeschooling in Ireland triples as government perverts education system with cultural marxism and globalism

The number of homeschooled children has jumped in the past few years due to so called “School-phobia” a name the ignorant no doubt coined to deny the real reasons for the rise of more Irish parents homeschooling their children. Around 1,434 children had been registered as being homeschooled in September this year compared to the 439 children a decade ago. More children are being homeschooled by parents for “philosophical, educational, lifestyle, religious, and cultural reasons,” according to Tusla. A spokesperson for Home Education Ireland said that the number of homeschooled children have shot up particularly in the last two years. They said: “A lot of children find the system incredibly frustrating especially as they get older and must spend hours on subjects that do not engage them.” Half of schools affected by structural worries have been assessed Other reasons include increased anxiety and “school-phobia”, the Irish Daily Mail reports. But m

Nigthtclub Muslim Rape Gang Strikes Again in Kildare? Rapefugees aka “non Nationals” rape young women after night out!

Gardai have issued an appeal for witnesses after a young woman claimed she was attacked by three men and raped by one of them while walking home from a night out. The woman, who is Irish and in her 20s, was walking on the Millicent Road in Clane, Co Kildare between 1am and 1.30am on Tuesday morning when the alleged incident is said to have occurred. She went to a house in a nearby estate and raised the alarm after the alleged attack, reports. It's believed that the three alleged attackers are non-nationals. On Tuesday, an Aldi store in Clane, Co Kildare was cordoned off and was closed for a number of hours while gardai carried out enquiries in relation to the attack. An Aldi spokesperson told the Irish Mirror: “Aldi is assisting the Gardai with their investigation regarding an alleged incident in the grounds of our Clane, Co. Kildare store in the early hours of this morning. “The store is open and trading as normal.” A Garda sp

Arrogant Muslim Rapist Claps To Jury After Muslim Rape Gang Members Found Guilty of Rape and Grooming Oxford Schoolgirl!

Three men have been found guilty of grooming and abusing an Oxford schoolgirl between 2002 and 2005. Anjum Dogar, 36, Mohammed Karrar, 44, and his 39-year-old brother Bassam were convicted of all 10 charges. The abusers, who are already in prison for similar offences, will be sentenced in January. During the trial at Oxford Crown Court, the victim said she was raped by Dogar and Mohammed Karrar in 2004 at the age of 15 and fell pregnant. She later had an abortion. The three men were part of a violent sex grooming ring convicted in 2013 of abusing six girls from Oxford over an eight-year period after a police operation codenamed Bullfinch. After the unanimous verdicts for charges including indecent assault, conspiracy to rape and rape were read out, Mohammed Karrar clapped the jury. Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said the victim was "a lonely, vulnerable young girl" who was given "somewhere to hang out". The victim, who was 14 when she first met her abusers, said: "

Blue Vest Protest in France – angry police protest and close police stations!

French police are being urged close police stations on Wednesday as part of a protest over pay and conditions - including a demand to be paid the 23 million hours of overtime they are owed - as the government scrambles to quell growing unrest among the country's forces of law and order. After the yellow vests, it's now the turn of the blue vests (gilets bleus) to show their anger as French police unions are calling on officers to picket France's police stations on Wednesday and only answer emergency calls as they fight for better working conditions and pay. Talks were held between police unions and the Interior Minister Christophe Castaner on Tuesday but they failed to find a solution to quell the anger. On Wednesday, when talks will continue, police unions have urged members to "do the minimum" meaning only respond to emergencies. They have also been encouraged to block the entrances of local police stations (commissariats). One police union is promising a

Abortion is NOT politics! Kids who were saved from abortion thank Donald Trump for pro-life policies with a letter campaign

Stanton Healthcare, a Boise, Idaho-based pro-life women’s clinic with affiliates across the country and internationally, announced today that it will bring letters from children across the United States to President Trump thanking him for implementing pro-life policies. “During the 2019 March for Life and Roe v. Wade memorial in Washington, D.C., Stanton Healthcare is bringing young children to our nation’s capital whose lives have been saved from abortion,” said Brandi Swindell, Stanton’s Founder and CEO. “They will not be coming alone, however. They will be bringing thank you letters and cards to President Trump from children all across America thanking our President for his courageous stand for life and working to end abortion. Suddenly, abortion is no longer a political issue but an issue involving real children and their futures.” The group believes this initiative, called “Thank U Mr. President,” will “change the narrative on abortion in our

Water cannon, firecrackers as thousands rally against UN Migration Pact in Brussels – PM Charles Michel Resigns!

Police have deployed water cannon during a rally against the controversial UN migration pact in Brussels. Officers were seen scuffling with protesters, who threw firecrackers before facing off with law-enforcement. The rally was dubbed the ‘March against Marrakech’ in reference to the city where the pact was signed earlier in December. It was organized by the right-wing Vlaams Belang party which has long been a vocal opponent of the agreement. While having initially kicked off peacefully, the demonstration started to heat up with some of the participants burning firecrackers and hurling bottles as they marched down the street. Part of the crowd who rallied on Sunday, also vented their anger by rooting out and throwing around traffic signs and what appeared to be parts of some fences. Riot police marched out in full riot gear to quell the unease. They later moved in with water cannon against some of the protesters. At least two of them were seen being sprayed w

Yet another stumble for Jean-Claude “Druncker” as he misses a step and takes a tumble before dinner at top level EU-Africa summit in Vienna

Jean-Claude Juncker was once again seen struggling to navigate a small set of stairs at a key international summit today. The European Commission President, who last week told the UK Prime Minister the EU would offer no further concessions on her Brexit deal, was photographed seemingly losing his balance and having to be held and helped by a pair of aides. It is the latest of several high-profile events, including a NATO summit, at which the politician has looked unsteady on his feet. Today the 64-year-old was attending the High-Level Forum Africa-Europe summit, at the Spanish horse riding school in the Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria. The summit of European and African leaders focused on the crucial matters of economic development and migration, which have come to be among the EU's defining challenges in the wake of mass migration from North Africa and the Middle East triggered by the Syrian civil war. Later at the event Mr Juncker, whose previous job was as Pr

LISTEN: Locals promise to maintain vigil around Strokestown property in eviction row

Friends and neighbours of a Strokestown family at the centre of an eviction controversy are maintaining a round-the-clock presence at the house. The local community is rallying to support the family, who returned to their home yesterday, after it was repossessed last week. A family friend, Donal Hanly, told Shannonside FM they’re happy to be back but are very tired and traumatised by the events of the past eight days. The scene at the bungalow at Falsk today is calm with just a handful of cars parked outside in stark contrast to the incidents in recent days. The family came home yesterday afternoon after the house was abandoned following the violence that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning when eight security men were injured at the spot. The front windows of the house which were broken have now been boarded up and a missing panel in the front door has also been temporarily filled in with plyboard. But the front gate which had been brok