The Waterford Pro-Life Campaign Keeping the Flag Flying

This videos shows many views of Waterford City from perches on both sides of our gateway bridge which runs over the river Suir. It shows us in action painting murals and putting up banners on both sides of this beautiful entrance to our city.

The Patreon Debacle: There’s More Going on Here

PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: Sources: Eric Weinstein Tweets: 1/ The Christmas Thread. First off, Merry Xmas to all. I’m asking for your help. I want to know whether any of you know about any quiet working groups or meetings involving but not limited to Visa/MC/PayPal/etc working on the issues of “populism”/“radicalization” as euphemisms. […]

The Waterford Pro-Life Campaign in Ballybricken Part 2

The usage of graphic images is sometimes required to educate young people who are in favour of abortion and like to agree with their peers and friends on the issue so that they will fit in with the group consensus. Because of media bias they are probably not informed properly on the issue and can therefore become victims of group think, and later victims of the lucrative abortion industry.

The Waterford Pro-Life Campaign in Ballybricken Part 1

The Waterford Pro-Life Campaign were counter-protesting against a Repeal Rally in July 2017. There was interest from the media in meeting people from both sides of the debate.

UK Media Blackout on the Continuing Rape of British Children by Muslim Rape Gangs – Why So Quiet in Ireland?

There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear. The only thing that is growing is the bitter rape of young vulnerable British girls, as you read those words this festive season, thank god it’s them, instead of you. Rape Gangs right now, as you read this are still blighting Britain and destroying the lives of thousands of girls across the UK The 1985 charity-hit for the starving people of Africa ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ called for us to spare a thought of starving Africans, but this Christmas – it’s time to start our charity at home and shine a light on our own horrors here in the UK, and think of the victims of the vile Rape Gangs that steal the childhood of thousands of young girls – and quite possibly boys, the #1400 campaign is trying to do that – despite a ‘Media Blackout.’ Last week, Politicalite along with Unity News Network and Alt News Media attended an event at the House of Lords to report on the la

Globalism, Finance and the National Idea

Join the National Party: Contribute: Follow the National Party on Twitter: Tweets by NationalPartyIE Follow the National Party on Facebook: An Páirtí Náisiúnta│The National Party is an Irish nationalist party dedicated to the fulfilment of the Irish national idea. We believe in the Irish people, our right to exist as a nation […]

The Latest Round of Trump Derangement Syndrome


War in Syria is Over, Yet After Signing UN Pact, Ireland Becomes Dumping Ground for UN’s NWO Soldiers (migrants)

Twenty-two Syrian families including 58 children were resettled in Ireland on Thursday. The families have been living in the UNHCR refugee camp in Lebanon since fleeing the conflict in Syria. One hundred and five people have been resettled in Ireland, including 58 children. They join 97 people resettled in Ireland from Lebanon last week, bringing the total number of people resettled this month to 202, including 109 children. The families who arrived on Thursday will initially stay in the Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre in Ballaghaderreen while they await permanent housing in communities across the country. The Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan, and the Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton, said they were pleased to welcome the families to Ireland, under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP). Mr Flanagan said: “During this festive period, as we enjoy spending time with our own

How To Say Happy New Year In Irish

In this video you will learn how to say happy new year in Irish as well as some other new phrases and words about the new year, slow and clear pronunciation with subtitles to help you, for more great videos on learning Irish please subscribe to my channel.

Lee Walsh

Seeking the truth.

Dr Ronan Cleary

Dr Ronan Cleary speaking at the Woodlands Hotel debate in Waterford during the 8th Amendment Referendum Campaign. The date was May 2nd 2018.

GRAPHIC: If This Video Offends Or Bothers You, You Should Not Be Welcoming Illegal Unknown Migrants To Ireland! M&M’s Anyone?

This is the video the Establishment, Mainstream media and Social Media Networks do not want you to see. Some mainstream media outlets like BBC and CBS are going so far as to call the islamic beheading as mere stab wounds to the neck! Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are removing this video as soon as it is being posted by users. We have decided to post it on, as horrendous as it is, in an effort to make people realise the barbarity they are welcoming with open arms, and also in the interest of not censoring the brutality and inhumanity of these warriors and servants of Allah, but also to highlight the deceit that Mainstream media and the Establishment is practicing in the name of false virtue and oil cash.

Not So PC Sir? Snob Geldof Revealed as Shareholder in Bloodsport Greyhound Racetrack in UK!

Sir Snob Geldof fans (if there are any) take note: it has come to light that not only does he watch dog racing, he even owns a share in a greyhound racetrack. Wonder if he knows that over 1,000 dogs were killed or put down with injury in Greyhound racing last year in UK and Ireland? Disappointment has been widely expressed after a photograph emerged showing Bob Geldof at a greyhound track presenting an award. The photo appeared in the Racing Post's "Off the Leash" column along with a report which revealed that Geldof owns a share in a racing greyhound track The report stated: "Central Park [in Kent] was graced by a visit from Sir Bob Geldof last Sunday [16 December 2018]. Er, yes, really. He was there to see Tony Collett's Professor Gimlet in whom he has a share, in action. Geldof duly presented the trophy for the race...but it was to the Paul Philpott-trained Alarming Hades and not his own hound, who had to settle for third." The Irish Council Against Blo

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (part 4)

(THE FINAL SECTION) Just as in the churchyard with Miles, the whole thing was upon us...

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (part 3)

It was not till late next day that I spoke to Mrs. Grose...
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