Irish Grammar Lesson – Broad and Slender Vowels

In this video I will briefly go through the broad and slender vowels and show you how they can change a sentence depending on whether it is broad or slender. I will also explain what a séimhiú and an urú is and how they can be used.

Doh! EU’s Own Poll Shows Majority of Italians Would Follow UK and Vote to Leave EU if Referendum Was Held Now! #ItalExit

Italy has turned out to be more Euroskeptic than previously imagined after a new survey revealed that a majority of Italians want to see their country following UK and crashing out of the 28-member bloc.
According to a poll of nearly 28,000 Europeans commissioned by the European Parliament's Eurobarometer, only 44 percent of Italians would vote to remain in the EU, compared to the member states’ average of 66 percent, making Italy one of the bloc's most eurosceptic countries. The figure is higher even than Britain which announced that it was withdrawing from the bloc in 2016 after 51 percent of Britons voted for BRexit. A clear majority of respondents in Italy were convinced that things in the EU were going in the wrong direction: 58 percent, compared to just 21 percent who said it was on the right track. Most EU countries answered similarly, in fact, with a comparable percentage of pe

Speaking Irish With My Nephew AJ

In this video my wonderful nephew AJ joins me to make an Irish language video, we'll talk about some basic conversational phrases in Irish and he'll translate the colors from English to Irish.

Video: Why Was Tommy Robinson Arrested If Public Can Obstruct Justice Being Served and Prevent Deportation of Convicted Muslim Gang Rapist!?

PUSHING SNOWFLAKE BUTTONS: A Group of mostly Asian passengers prevented a Muslim gang rapist from being deported to Somalia on a Turkish Airlines flight at Heathrow Airport. The Somali man had raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS! Officials escorting Yaqub Ahmed on a flight from Heathrow to Turkey were forced to abandon his deportation when around a dozen passengers heard his deliberate pleas and protestations, felt sorry for him angrily intervened shortly before take-off. Third worlders know very well how to push the buttons of Westerners to achieve sympathy... Justice really is literally blind in the UK if Tommy Robinson can get arrested outside a trial fro broadcasting something the BBC had already published, yet anyone can prevent Justice from being served by interfering with the carriage of Justice! Why are people being deported on commercial passenger planes anyway? Not only does this put the public at risk, but it is

UN and IOC Plan Proves Refugee Status is a Globalist Scam To Destroy Nations States, Replace Their People and Redistribute Their Wealth

In what can only be describes as cynical and badly thought out, the globalist United Nations and IOC has come up with a ridiculous plan which proves that the entire International Refugee system is nothing other than a globalist scam and sham to destroy Nation States. The hapless International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced it will form a special team of competitors, with refugee status for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, TO COMPETE AGAINST THE VERY COUNTRIES THEY ARE ALLEGEDLY FLEEING FROM? Really? Clearly they are thus not in danger and not fleeing and all that is just an excuse to feed the brainwashed masses watching RTe...
The crazy decision was taken on Wednesday during an IOC session in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is hosting the 2018 Youth Olympics. IOC president Thomas Bach stressed that the initiative was introduced in an attempt to unite and socially integrate displaced

Maria Steen interview on the 8th Amendment with Eamonn Dunphy January 2018

Maria Steen gives a superb interview on the 8th Amendment. So sad that so many did not listen to her! Our country is now plunged into a new Dark Age. Who would ever have thought that the Irish people would vote to kill the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings on would should be the safest haven for a child to be - their very own mother's womb! A very high price will be paid by so many for this truly gutless, barbaric & mindless decision!

Trudeau Government Fakes TripAdvisor Reviews To Hide Migrant Mess! Should You Check if Hotels, Motels or B&Bs are Housing Migrants Before you Book?

Toronto area hotels housing asylum seekers have been inundated with “bad reviews” by disgruntled holiday makers who were kept in the dark when booking, whilst the Canadian government has been secretly posting fake reviews to hide the mess caused by their darling invaders. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have been housing asylum seekers in Toronto area hotels and motels. The economic migrants, primarily those self-deporting from immigration law enforcement in the United States, are part of the more than 34K people who have illegally crossed our borders since 2017. The asylum seekers were originally housed in area university dorms until the fall classes reconvened. As an interim solution, migrants were shuffled over to long term hotel accommodations while the government found more permanent housing. But that’s not happening fast enough, and it’s bad news for the hotels and unsuspecting guests alike. Sue Ann Levy reports in the 

The Allied Carpet Bombing of Germany in WWII was so Heavy it Damaged Earth’s Atmosphere! – Study

Intense Bombing raids by Allied forces during the Second World War, non stop over a 3 month period, not only caused tragic devastation on the ground but also sent shockwaves up through the Earth’s atmosphere which were detected at the edge of space, according to new research. University of Reading researchers have revealed the shockwaves produced by huge bombs dropped by Allied planes on European cities were big enough to weaken the electrified upper atmosphere – the ionosphere – above the UK, 1,000km away.
Researchers at the University of Reading studied atmospheric response records during the time of 152 Allied bombing raids between 1943 and 1945, using data collected by the Radio Research Centre in Slough, UK. Their findings were published in Annales Geophysicae this week.
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