Learn Irish Words – 7 Beautiful Words in the Irish Language

In this video I will show you 7 beautiful words in Irish to do with animals, plants and nature and I'll explain how the Irish version of these words came to be formed. Learn Irish Words and lots more by subscribing to my channel and hitting that bell so you can be notified whenever I upload a new video.

Supremacist MultiNational Corporations Are Worth More Than Most Countries But Have No Loyalty or Accountability to Citizens

Many large Multinational Corporations have more money than entire countries with annual revenues so colossal, that they dwarf the economies of many big countries across the globe. However, the world’s most profitable and successful businesses do not always have stellar reputations or loyalties, yet people dream of working for them and worship them and their mass produced products...

No-Go Zones are Conquered Land in Australia Where Muslim Culture is a Mono-Culture Rejecting Multiculturalism, Freedom of Speech and Association (Video)

Lauren Southern ventures into a No-Go Zone in Sydney Australia and immediately experiences the hatred and fundamentalism from the mainstream media, police and muslim residents...

International Animal Rights Conservationist Stuck in Irish Asylum System Awaiting Protection Order

A well known campaigner fighting against poaching in Africa, who has exposed high level corruption in poaching, at diplomatic and ministerial level, has had to flee her country and seek refuge in Ireland. However more than 8 months after arriving in secret, she is stuck in limbo and her work, safety and charity have been badly compromised. Meanwhile countless other migrants from Africa have arrived after her and been processed ahead of her, in an Asylum system which even some Irish people find embarrassing.

Army of African Migrants Storm and Attack Spanish Border – Migrants do not take NO for an answer (Video)

Over 700 hundred migrants have stormed the Spanish exclave of Ceuta, some armed with homemade flamethrowers, sticks and even poo, after breaking through the border fence. More than 100 migrants and 22 border agents were injured in the battle as border agents arrested hundreds of invaders on the Moroccan side and more were detained in Ceuta.

Speaking Irish in Dublin City

In this video I will in Dublin city, sharing with you some new words and phrases in Irish, I will be speaking Irish in the city and outside some of the great tourist attractions that I visited in Dublin such as Croke Park and Epic - the Emigration museum.

Irish Words Beginning With the Letter F

Learn about the most beautiful language in the world - the Irish language, in this video I will show you some words and phrases in the Irish language, specifically 5 words beginning with the letter F, along with some phrases you could use in conversation.

Lying BBC Newsnight Reporter Claims “Islam Does Not Allow Sex With Minors Anywhere”, Wonders Why No One Wants to Talk to Fake News BBC

Lying BBC Newsnight Reporter Claims "Islam Does not Allow Sex With Children Anywhere", Yet Can't Understand Why No One Wants to Talk to Fake News BBC Tommy Robinson was rapidly jailed in May, and not given his due rights to appoint council, after he was coerced into admitting contempt of court by filming outside Leeds Crown Court in the UK during a trial.

We Want #FullEnglishBRexit – UKIP Seeing a Membership Surge as May Betrays Brexiteers

Given the massive increase in membership numbers for UKIP in the past 2 months, as well as current polling, the more May fails at Brexit, as she most certainly currently is, the more UKIP will see a significant resurgence with a potential 17.4 million support base...

Muslims told to wash after being among non-muslims and Christians, to hate them, steal from them and not to drink “Christian” (tap) water!

The largest-ever report on a fundamentalist branch of Islam shows Salafist preachers are increasingly conspiring together to push their message  of hate across Muslim communities in Europe – and disturbing everyday anti-European behavior is now common even in children. It was found that a well-organized well funded group is consciously pushing for the Muslim community to divorce itself from the cultural surroundings of mainstream Sweden, creating a deep social rift from which terrorists and jihadist recruits can emerge.

Learn Irish – Verb Tiomáin To Drive

In this learning Irish video I will explain about the verb to drive which is Tiomáin, I will give you some phrases that you could use in conversation as well as new words that can help build your confidence with this wonderful language. I will also mention my other YouTube channel as well in this video. If you wish to check out my other YouTube channel on learning to drive you can do so here https://www.youtube.com/user/danetyghe

France Colonises Africa’s Football Talent to Win World Cup – NO African Nation Made it to the last Stages!

Ever wonder why no African Nations manage to get to the final stages of World Cup competitions? Could it be that Europe is once again indulging in colonisation and stealing Africa's best talent?   Is it any wonder African nations struggle to get their countries on a firm stable footing or to achieve on the world stage, when their citizenry are constantly being raided by high minded Europeans who groom talented citizens of African nations, with promises of wealth, fame and fortune to come to Europe for free handouts. Is it any wonder African are happy to sell their grandmother and risk their lives on a Kalergi boat across the Med with human traffickers?

Irish Phrases To Use Throughout The Day

In this video I will explain 5 Irish phrases that you can use throughout the day from early morning to midnight, these phrases will help you build conversation and confidence in this beautiful Celtic language.

Learn Irish Phrases for Beginners

In this Irish language video I will give you some words and short phrases that you could use if you are a beginner learning the Irish language, these phrases can be used with other learners as a way to help you to start sentences and keep sentences flowing. This Learn Irish phrases for beginners video will suit all levels especially beginners and those looking to brush up.
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