Waiting For The World to Stop Spinning

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Globalism Means Locals Cannot Buy Houses In their Own Towns. “Brittany is not a second home!” – Breton Independence Movement

A group of Breton nationalists have denounced the number of holiday or second homes in Brittany, launching a campaign against “real estate speculation” in the region popular with out of town or foreign holidaymakers. The group, called Dispac’h (or “Revolt”) in Breton has denounced the “real estate speculation related to the development of second homes” on the […]

Twice As Many Migrants Die in The Sahara as What Drown in The Med Where Fake Rescue NGO Ships Entice Them With a Free Ride

The gruesome consequences of European Elites and the EU grooming and enticing Africans to come to Europe "for a better life" is only now starting to be exposed. The cash incentives, free medical and housing for life that traitorous left wing and cuckservative (centre right) governments offer to entice new consumers and workers for the Multinational and Oligarch profits is really the same a winning an actual lottery for an African. Risking their life is obviously worth the big win offered by the virtue signalling West.

Sinn Fein bullies people of conscience when it comes to the right to life

Sinn Fein showed their true colours when it came to tolerating views contrary to the Party's fascist ideology. The leopard does not change her spots - these people previously tolerated blowing people to bits now has no problem dismembering an unborn child limb from limb! In addition, this is the Party that wants to convince us it wishes to share power with a pro-life Party like the DUP? (Broadcast 16th June 2018)

National Association of General Practictioners opt out of abortion as a general service

The NAGP says doctors should only be able to opt in to providing abortions. Doctors should not be compelled to offering abortions or be forced to refer. (Broadcast 9th June 2018)

“Wrongful Birth” Case:A mother is given €1.8 million compensation for NOT aborting her child!

This is the first deadly result of the abortion referendum when the concept of "wrongful birth" was the basis of a legal compensation claim. The State, instead of protecting the unborn, was now held accountable (literally as well as the sense of being blamed) for the birth of a fellow human being! The word "wrong" in this sense is not in the moral sense of the word but in the sense of making a mistake by the State not to have identified a medical condition of a long-term disability that would have justified killing in a cold utilitarian assessment. On wonders on that child's ultimate maturity will they ask themselves "am I here by pure accident of a failure to seek out and destroy me or am I here because I am loved? (Broadcast 20th June 2018)

The End of Civil Discourse: Doxing Edition

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