“Make Africa Part of Europe” – World Supremacist George Soros Invokes The Oldest Communist Trick: Problem, Reaction, Solution!

The EU really is in trouble. YES! After Trump, BRexit and possibly Italy cutting of the cashflow to stop the world supremacist's enforcing their socialist engineering one world government fantasies on the world, it appears they are doubling down and going for broke! George Soros has just confirmed all conspiracy theorists to be spot on! The Communist Maxim is: Create a problem, callously wait for the reaction, and then offer the solution they would not have accepted had you not created the problem...

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation launches Baltic Studies Program to discuss anti-communism in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our Baltic Studies Program. The Program will engage leading experts—from economists to historians, from diplomats to journalists, from administration officials to lawmakers—in a discussion of the history of communism and anti-communism in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; strategies for post-communist transition and democratic consolidation; and the character and importance of Baltic-American relations.

#EurAfrica YOUR Government Has Already Agreed to Turn Europe into Africa. Hungary Has Devised Ingenious Opt Out! Video

HUNGARY SAYS NO! Refuses to sign Marrakesh Declaration that will massively increase legal immigration to the EU from the Middle East and African nations. Hungary on Wednesday refused to endorse a statement on migration adopted at a Euro-African ministerial conference in Marrakesh, the foreign minister said, calling the document “an extremely pro-migration statement that goes against Hungary’s interests”.

#ZuckDucks Video: Nigel Farage, Facebook’s Largest User in Europe, Confronts Zuckerberg On Censoring Right Wing Opinions – Zuck Ducks as Usual

Nigel Farage who described himself as Facebook’s “biggest and best client” in Europe tried to pin down slippery Zuckerberg over Facebook’s anti right-wing bias, in Brussels with as little success as the US congress had. In Brussels, MEP Nigel Farage accused Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg of wilfully discriminating against right-wing political opinions on the platform. […]

Obamas to Force Feed the World’s Children with LGBTQxyz and Globalism via Netflix. If you haven’t yet, is it time to unsubscribe?

The Obamas are to team up with Netflix to pump out even more globalist brainwashing content. Hussein and Michelle Obama have found a new outlet for their globalist indoctrination aspirations by joining forces with Netflix, entering into a multi-year contract to produce films and series with one of the world’s biggest "entertainment"-on-demand services.
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