Mantashe has every right to back Ramaphosa for president

ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu has defended secretary general Gwede Mantashe’s right to pronounce on his preferred candidate for the party’s next president. Mantashe nailed his colours to the mast this weekend while speaking at two events in Limpopo, which was also simultaneously tweeted. He said the ANC “will never elect a woman President”, but […]

Cosatu plans nationwide stayaway against the 'predatory elite'

Trade union federation Cosatu has called on all workers in the government and private sector not to go to work on Wednesday and instead join a march against state capture and corruption. “It’s a total stayaway and everyone in the country, whether you are part of Cosatu or not, you are protected,” Cosatu general secretary […]

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Merkel blamed for creating first “right wing” party to enter Bundestag since WWII, while Schulz falls on his sword to prevent (AfD) being official opposition!

The historic success of the right-wing AfD party in the parliamentary elections has stunned many cucked Germans, but experts say that Chancellor Angela Merkel created it herself. They also claim that Victor Orban from Hungary actually saved her, and Germany, by building the fences she was not willing to build. In fact with a voting […]

Could F1 Drivers Be Replaced by AIs?

Support my work on Patreon: PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: Sources: Creative commons, royalty free images used in this video presentation are sourced from and Wiki Media Commons. These are public commons images. Help Support My Channel. Buy Computing Forever Merchandise, Mugs, Hats, T-Shirts: Subscribe to my Second Channel: […]

What is the ANC learning from the private sector

Within the past few days, former president Kgalema Motlanthe said it would be good if the ANC was voted out of office (good for the ANC, that is), the outspoken MP Makhosi Khoza resigned from Parliament and from the ANC, and the Bank of Baroda won a court case to allow it to stop being […]

Makhosi Khoza leaves ANC to join anti-corruption organisation

Makhozi Khoza has just announced that she is revoking her ANC membership to join the “the new anti-corruption movement of society and faith-based organisations”. Khoza made the announcement at a press briefing on Thursday at Lilliesleaf, Johannesburg. In a long, emotional speech she said that the ANC had become filled with corrupt leaders. “I have […]

Mbalula warns crime intelligence over its own 'criminal' elements

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has warned the country’s crime intelligence unit that he is going after rogue elements within it, and that they are not immune to the law. News24 can reveal that it is suspected that rogue crime intelligence activities are linked to, among other matters, the underworld nightclub security takeover which has resulted […]

Trump to Push Nationalist Policy at U.N.

In his first speech at a U.N. General Assembly, president will appeal to others’ self-interest on North Korea, Iran and terror President Donald Trump’s first address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday will lay out a foreign policy rooted in his view of nationalism and sovereignty and anchored by “America First” principles, according to a […]

Did Ancient Greeks Worship Earthquakes? Sacred Sites Built on Fault Lines

The ancient Greeks may have worshiped earthquakes, purposely building temples and other important structures directly above fault lines. But the same natural phenomenon they exalted could have also destroyed them. According to the University of Plymouth, it’s not an entirely new idea that earthquakes played a role in the lives of ancient Greeks: “Scientists have […]

GOP Two Votes Away from Replacing Obamacare with State Block Grants

Senate Republicans pushing to replace Obamacare with state block grants are making real noise before their window to act closes, insisting they are just one or two votes shy and that President Trump can nudge their last-gasp bill to victory. “We are thinking that we can get this done by Sept. 30,” Sen. Bill Cassidy, […]

Swedish State Media Boss Caught Trying To Buy Virginity of Underage Girl

A manager at Sweden’s public broadcaster SVT has been caught trying to “buy” the virginity of a 14-year-old girl in a newspaper sting, claiming when caught that he was trying to save the girl. The unnamed man met the girl on a website called “sugar daters” and offered to pay the 14-year-old 9,000 Swedish kronor, or £840, to be […]

Are Facebook and Google the New Colonial Powers?

To qualify as colonial powers, Facebook and Google must effectively limit the choices and power of users, and punish or coerce those who question or resist their power. I was struck by a phrase from a recent essay on advertising and social media, You Are the Product: As Taplin points out, that remark ‘unwittingly revealed a previously […]

U.K. Police Arrest Men in Connection with London Bombing at Parsons Green

An 18-year-old man was detained in Dover’s port area; a 21-year-old man was later arrested in Hounslow British police on Saturday detained an 18-year-old man in the English Channel town of Dover in connection with the rush-hour bombing of a London subway train that left 30 injured, calling the arrest “significant” and saying the investigation was moving […]
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