South Africa’s White Population Shrinks Even Further In 2017

The latest mid-year population estimates produced by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) show that South Africa’s population is estimated at 56.5 million people. Population estimates are necessary to ensure that government and various other sectors, including health, education and business, plan effectively for South Africa. The mid-year estimates provide an indication of the distribution of […]

Privacy Mythbusting #6: Security equals privacy. (Nope!)

When we talk about online privacy, we often hear responses like: “I’m protected by my antivirus software, spam filter, etc.” While security software is important in staying safe online, it is a common misconception that security = privacy. It does not. A great example is Google’s ad network. While connections to it are securely encrypted, […]

Warning To Mugabe And The ANC: Don’t Assume Independence Equates Freedom

JOHANNESBURG — During the twentieth century a range of African countries fought hard to win their well-deserved independence from European powers. The era was characterised by much hope and in the 90s, South Africa followed by disbanding Apartheid. But since then, Africa has become a disappointing continent, ravaged by poverty and plagued by nasty dictators. Robert Mugabe is one such […]

CME Sweeps Aside Cosmic Rays

July 18,2017: On July 16th, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field, sparking two days of geomagnetic storms and beautiful southern auroras. The solar storm cloud also swept aside some of the cosmic rays currently surrounding Earth. and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched a space weather balloon to the stratosphere hours after the […]

‘A Good Story To Tell’ – Defining The ANC’s South Africa In Quotes

Veteran journalist Ed Herbst There’s never a dull day in this land we call South Africa. You could probably fill a number of newspaper broadsheets, on an hourly basis, with interesting (and weird) things people say here. Subsequently, Ed Herbst is at his best again as he’s put together a series of interesting recent quotes by […]

1,000,000 British Children Raped by Muslim Men! This is Institutional Ethnic Cleansing because it is ONLY muslims doing it to ONLY white children!

1,000,000 British Children Raped by Muslim Men! – This is Institutional Ethnic Cleansing because it is ONLY muslims doing it to ONLY white children and the Establishment is allowing it and Islam encourages it! Only mass deportations and suspension of residence can save United Kingdom! There is no law in existence anywhere that protects an […]

Draft Italian Law to Stop Traitorous Charity NGOs signalling human traffickers to launch migrant boats using flares and phones!

A leaked draft law has revealed all the underhanded illegal means Charity NGO’s are resorting to in order to make big bucks (from human traffickers) by smuggling African migrants across the Med. The Italian government has drawn up a draft plan to limit migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean. The leaked 11-point plan, seen by […]

No doctor available – MEC left untreated at public hospital

Sport, recreation, arts and culture MEC Pemmy Majodina experienced what many Eastern Cape residents without medical aid go through everyday when she had to be rushed to a hospital almost 24km away, after there was no doctor on duty at the first public hospital. The flamboyant Majodina had to be driven to the Maclear Hospital […]

The Fight to “Defend Europe” just got real! We now have a ship in the Med – Support it’s mission to check on traitorous NGOs

‘Defend Europe’: The mission to rescue and send illegals from Libya back to Libya and to keep an eye on traitorous NGOs and Coastguards. Patriotic activists from the Identitarian movement have successfully raised enough funds through donations, and chartered a ship to fight illegal migration off the Libyan coast and to expose what they and Italian […]
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