Death Penalty for Human Traffickers? Especially Treasonous ones that smuggle foreigners into their own country?

Should human traffickers and migrant smugglers be given the Death Penalty? What about those that commit High Treason by smuggling illegal immigrants and foreign nationals into their own country? A recent arrest, where half where Italian nationals in Italy, has highlighted the despicable human beings that  drive the invasion of Europe and exposes the dark […]

“Refugees” Shoot at Libyan Navy Rescue Boat! Three Cheers to Libyan Navy who Protect Europe unlike the EU!

Libyan Navy patrols, working in Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery, said they had intercepted two boats off Sabratha shores on Sunday and rescued 700 illegal immigrants onboard despite being shot at. The Spokesman of the Libyan Naval Forces, Colonel Ayoub Qasim, said that among the immigrants, who were mostly from African countries, were some Libyan nationals as […]

Video: Far Left BBC embarrasses UK PM Theresa May at Press Conference with US President Trump

US President Donald Trump recovered quickly and had to joke about the state of the special relationship after the left wing BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg insulted President Trump and asked him aggressive leading questions about a series of patriotic policies he’s outlined since taking office. President Trump turned to British Prime Minister and quipped […]

Europe is a Dead Man Walking – Thousands of FAILED asylum seekers still on benefits in Vienna. Altruism hides Cowardice

Eat or be eaten. Thousands of ILLEGAL migrants living in the Austrian capital, Vienna, cannot be deported despite falling short of being granted asylum – mainly due to the deliberate lack of proper ID documents and governments (who receive AID from Europe) refusing to take them back – while still receiving monthly payments, an Austrian […]

How to Balance Estrogen Naturally – Good Estrogen vs. Bad Estrogen

How Estrogen Works in the Body and How to Control it Hormones are chemical messengers that our body creates to control major body functions. There are many hormones, and the more that we understand each and how they work in our bodies the more in control we can be of our health and wellbeing. Any […]

Can Trump Stop War? The NWO Establishment want WAR again, and like WWII, despite Hitler pleading for peace, the Allies wanted war.

Can Trump Stop War when he takes office this week? The NWO Establishment and Military Industrial Complex (“Allies”) want WAR again, and like in WWII, despite Hitler pleading for peace on countless occasions, before and during the war, the Allies wanted war to further their world supremacist agenda and to achieve the profit and spoils […]

Is Drinking Too Much Water Holding You Back?

Many of you know that I sit on the clinical advisory board for a couple of companies. One of which is a company that is absolutely on the cutting edge when it comes to research of minerals, which has allowed me to dive head first into a lot of science when it comes to electrolytes, […]
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