Happy New Year from Celtic Woman

As we look back over 2016, we feel immensely grateful for all the love and support from family, friends and fans. It has truly been a great year for Celtic Woman. There has been some wonderful highs, there have been some lows too. We are really looking forward to 2017, and looking ahead to another […]

Warmonger Obama’s Last Stand: non existent “election hacking by Russia” used to expel 35 Russian officials from US

Warmonger Obama has had his second “WMD” moment (after chemical weapons in Syria) with non existent “election hacking by Russia” which he has used as an excuse to expel 35 Russian officials from US soil. Needles to say his obedient mass media comrades are on board manufacturing consent. Thirty-five Russian diplomats have been expelled from […]

Traitorous Obama Rushes Through Migrant Arrivals ahead of Trump Inauguration

In the first 84 days of the 2017 fiscal year (October 1, 2016 – December 23, 2016), the Obama administration has accepted 25,584 refugees into the United States, according to data provided by the State Department. Per Breitbart, compared to the same period in FY2016, that represents an 86% increase year-over-year. And while we were […]

Boosting Your Post Workout with Matcha Green Tea!

Getting the Most out of Your Green Tea (Matcha) Tea consumption began in Japan and China thousands of years ago. The medicinal value of tea has been recognized in these cultures for centuries, and the benefits are beginning to be supported by science in the Western culture. Replacing coffee with tea is often suggested for […]

Globalist Google Steals $3.6 Billion from poor and needy society by avoiding its tax duties

Alphabet Inc.’s Google avoided billions in taxes by funneling money offshore and managed to “save” $3.6 billion in 2015 by shifting and hiding its profits to a Bermuda shell company, according to filings in the Netherlands. Google used Ireland and the Netherlands as intermediaries. According to files obtained by Bloomberg, Google used the so-called “Double […]

Truth About Protein on a Low Carb Diet

Let’s talk a bit about low carb and ketogenic diets and how they truly work within your body. Once you have an understanding of how that process works, it’s much easier to understand exactly how much protein you need!   What is a ketogenic diet? Known as ketogenic diets, they work by reducing the quantity […]

40 Years of abortion in America

This is quick summary of the key points since abortion was legalised By the Roe V Wade decision in 1973 in America

How Much Protein is TOO Much? All About Nitrogen Balance

How Much Protein do you REALLY Need? Are you in a Positive Nitrogen Balance? If you are reading this article you are most likely one of the many people out there who strive to obtain the healthiest body that you can. We want to be in great shape, working to build muscle and eliminate fat, […]


Our people need to exit the city and return to farming – farms are the cheapest easiest way to afford kids and feed ourselves. We need nurses and birthing coaches and healers to allow us to have children at home and teach them at home.   White Genocide is happening and even most of the […]

How to Use Fasting For Inflammation and Longevity | Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

In Depth Look at Intermittent Fasting and its Effect on Inflammation Fasting has been used for medical and therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. In recent years, intermittent fasting (IF) has been gaining traction as a tool in the fitness space to maintain muscle while burning fat. The idea of IF is to go without […]

Mick Jagger shows Endangered European Men that Old Age is NOT an Excuse to not have kids

The 73-year old rocker and his 29-year-old girlfriend, American ballerina Melanie Hamrick, welcomed a baby boy Thursday in New York City. Papa really is a Rolling Stone as Mick Jagger welcomes baby no. 8 Mick Jagger has welcomed his eighth child, his publicist confirmed. “Mick was at the hospital for the arrival,” according to a […]

Break The Silence of US Gov World Supremacy, or an Obama nuke on China or Russia will!

In its well rehearsed and professional role of the bully pretending to be the victim, going back to before World War 1, the US Gov Establishment (not US citizens), is once again ratcheting up the rhetoric using their subservient obedient mass media “Fake News” platforms. US Gov has over 400 army bases surrounding China under Obama’s […]

NGO “Rescue” ship dispatched 12 hours BEFORE migrant boat leaves Libya! Secret Invasion of Europe Exposed on GPS!

NGOs, Coastguard and EU are smuggling migrants into Europe on an industrial scale – Italian Coastguard, EU, MSF and EU in cahoots with people smugglers! 15 ships have been monitored running a deliberate, co-ordinated ferry service from within Libya’s territorial waters, in the dark of night, collecting migrants and transporting them to Italy. NGOs, smugglers, the […]
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