Launching of the Pro-Life Van in Cork 30th November 2016

This is a video of the launch of the Pro-Life Van in Cork in Washington Street - near the Court House

Deportation, Deportation Deportation! Merkel does a 180 U-Turn! Can you trust a traitor that doesn’t say sorry?

Germany is apparently going to repatriate 100k rejected asylum-seekers to their home countries in 2016 according to the creator of the problem, Angela Merkel. If she does not apologise and admit her mistake, then this is just another “Redistribution of European Wealth”  project for her and her band of World Supremacists.  Around 100,000 rejected asylum-seekers […]

Unelected EU Supremacists vote to use Taxpayers Money to Brainwash EU Citizens with “Fake News”

Europe has entered a new Dark Age after a fledgling group set up by the European Commission to allegedly counteract “Russian propaganda” is to be expanded with more public cash and resources. European citizens will be funding mechanisms inducing their own ignorance and misinformation. This unilateral EU resolution on alleged ‘Russian propaganda’ is an attack on […]

High Court Judgement on unborn rights beyond the Right to Life 25-11-2016

As explained by Orla O'Donnell, this High Court Judgement follows on Justice Richard Humphries judgement in July when he said unborn rights go beyond Article 40 3 3 (the 8th Amendment) and are also vindicated by Article 42A (as passed in the Children's Referendum in 2012). The State recognises they are children as those after birth. This is consistent with the UN Convention of 1959 on the Rights of the Child which pledges to protect children BEFORE as well as AFTER birth. The recent judgment of Mr Justice Richard Humphreys on the rights of unborn children, in IRM v Minister for Justice and Equality, on July 29th. It has important implications for the protection of unborn children, not only in the context of abortion (which was not the focus of the case) but more generally. It raises a question as to how the Minister for Children is most effectively to discharge her responsibility to protect all children, born and unborn. The narrow question requiring resolution was whether the Minister for Justice and Equality, when considering the possible revocation of an order for the deportation of a man could ignore the rights of the unborn child of the man and his partner. Mr Justice Humphreys held that the Minister was obliged to have regard to the unborn child, though he made it clear that this would not weigh heavily in the determination as to possible deportation. Mr Justice Humphreys made three crucial findings. First, that article 40.3.3 should not be regarded in isolation from the constitutional order as a whole. Second, that the unborn child has a wide range of constitutional rights requiring protection. Third, that the recent amendment to the Constitution protecting the rights of children applies to all children, born and unborn. The judge noted that subsection 3 of article 40.3 had been “enacted in the wake of a number of judicial decisions to the effect that the rights of the unborn were in any event protected by article 40.3”. He rejected the Minister for Justice and Equality’s stance that article 40.3.3 had been intended “to sweep away all such decisions and to embody in one subsection the totality of the rights of the unborn”. Other significant rights of the unborn child were recognised, acknowledged or created by common law or statute, “in turn reflecting inherent natural and constitutional rights of the unborn which are implied by the constitutional order”. Anyone with a sense of history will be disturbed by that fact. Katherine Zappone is Minister for Children – all children – yet she proposes that their protection should be diminished by the repeal of article 40.3.3. William Binchy is a barrister-at-law SE THIS LINK FOR A FULLER ACCOUNT

The 8th Amendment Vincent Browne People Debates 2016 General Election

This is a compilation of 6 debates on the 8th Amendment on the Vincent Browne People Debates during the period just before and during 2016 General Election (November 2015 - January 2016) in the the following constituences in following order: Dublin Rathdown (6-11-15), Dublin Bay South (2-12-15), Limerick City (c.22-12-15), Kildare South (6-01-16), Dublin -Fingal (13-01-16) and Cork East (27-01-16)

Time to Disband the USA Union? Collectivism has failed AGAIN! Time for #CALexit and #TEXit?

Supporters of Californian independence have taken the first real step towards secession from the US, submitting a ballot proposal to the state attorney general. Should the option garner enough support, ‘Calexit’ might become an issue. A group called ‘Yes California Independence Campaign’ filed their proposal with the attorney general’s office, asking to “prepare a circulating title […]

Yes! Genocidal Miscegenist Sarkozy eliminated in 1st round of French cuckservative presidential primaries

Sarkosy, who is famous for wanting to make racemixing compulsory, subject to penalties, in France has been consigned to history where he will forever be known for his controversial genocidal statements. According to partial results and exit polls, former Prime Ministers Alain Juppe and Francois Fillon will contest the second round of the French Republican […]

Here is Why Trump Won! Liberal Mass Media Enable Violent Voter Intimidation and Must Be Held Accountable!

Why Trump Won! Liberal Mass Media Enable Violent Voter Intimidation To USA. MSM must be held accountable for weaponizing, enabling and glorifying Political Correctness! “You Voted Trump? Kill!” The mass media are enablers and incite this kind of behaviour by their promotion of overt political correctness and castigation of Patriots. Man kicked in head, has car […]
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